Swim Intervals and Monkey Shake!

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

20 x 100 yards with 20 seconds rest in between. The pool was busy today. We ended up “circle swimming” for the majority of the workout. Here’s the comparison between my workout today and the exact same workout I did with Julia 2 months ago:

Splits in Dec / Splits today:

1:32 / 1:34
1:32 / 1:34
1:34 / 1:33
1:32 / 1:33
1:35 / 1:30
1:34 / 1:29
1:33 / 1:29
1:34 / 1:28
1:34 / 1:30
1:35 / 1:29
1:34 / 1:29
1:34 / 1:31
1:34 / 1:30
1:35 / 1:31
1:35 / 1:30
1:34 / 1:29
1:36 / 1:30
1:35 / 1:28
1:34 / 1:31
1:34 / 1:32

In Dec: 1:34.0 average
Today: 1:30.5 average

I may have gotten faster, but not THAT much faster. I think there are 3 reasons why my splits were so much better today: 1: While circle swimming, I was drafting for a few seconds when I was getting ready to pass someone, which made those few seconds a little easier. 2: When passing, I “kicked it up a notch” to get past the other swimmers and back to the right side of the lane. 3: The pool was busy, and I tend to try harder with a bigger audience. Lame, I know. But true.

Anyway, it was a good workout, and I didn’t feel nearly as “beat up” as when I did the same workout with Julia in December. Pharmie was still swimming when I wrapped up, so I lifted weights for a bit. We stopped at the Cheeky Monkey Deli for a sandwich and soup on the way home.

Then it was time for me to try the Monkey Shake from Chris at 10:10 Wellness. I wrote a little about this in my post on Thursday, and a few of you asked if the shake was any good. So after that hard swim today, I figured I try it out. (The Monkey Shake is basically a homemade super-hearty recovery drink.)

I grabbed one of my bags of the Monkey Shake. The directions said to use half of a bag:

I combined that with skim milk, a few ice cubes, and some frozen berries. Here’s the plateful of berries that I used:

Everything in the blender:

What emerged was think, hearty, and pretty darn good:

Conclusion: If you like hearty drinks, you’ll love a good Monkey Shake. If you don’t like “oaty” or “brany” things, then you might not care for it. Pharmie doesn’t care for some of those things, but she thought the Monkey Shake was pretty good. And I loved it! Here’s the direct link to info about the Monkey Shake in case you’re interested.

And as I’ve mentioned in my last 2 posts, check back tomorrow night for details from our 5 hour spin class that’s going down tomorrow! God help us! And I’ve got my last bit of good news that I’ll post sometime on Monday!


Velma 3:57 PM, February 21, 2009  

Good luck on the spin - where did you find such a long class. What a great idea.

Shannon 4:11 PM, February 21, 2009  
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Shannon 4:13 PM, February 21, 2009  

I bet your just saying it tastes good, because your a nice guy like that. But, what your really wanting to say is, "it tastes like blended dry wall with a hint of strawberries!" LOL

j/k Monkey Shake peeps.....

RunningLaur 4:14 PM, February 21, 2009  

The smoothie looks really good!

It sounds like a tri with and open water start would match with everything that made you faster in the swim workout. Then you just have to power past everyone and you'll have a fast time. Maybe draft behind the leader until the end. :)

Joe V 5:08 PM, February 21, 2009  

Damn, that shake looks good. Try not to kill yourself in the spin session.

P.S. I posted your interview. Have a good one!

Michelle 5:32 PM, February 21, 2009  

I want me some Monkey Shake!!!

I thought when you said monkey shake it was like some new workout you invented!!!!


Chloe 6:40 PM, February 21, 2009  

Congrats on the great swim!! I go faster when we circle swim as well - I'm not a fan of getting passed :)

That shake looks awesome. I would buy some just because of the name!

Have fun at your 5 hour spin class!


Marlene 6:58 PM, February 21, 2009  

Good job keeping the pace up towards the end of this workout.

Good luck at spin!

Spokane Al 7:39 PM, February 21, 2009  

You rock on land and in the pool. I would kill for your swim times. I am looking forward to reading about your bike splits.

P.S. The monkey shake looks danged good.

Unknown 8:12 PM, February 21, 2009  

shakes look good, but I'm not a fan of oat or bran either. Good luck spinning.

SixTwoThree 9:45 PM, February 21, 2009  

Hey, great swim workout!! I'm envious. I'm sure you'll have tales to tell after that spin class. I posted my responses to your interview questions. Enjoy!

Borsch 10:58 PM, February 21, 2009  

Hmmm...anything with the name monkey has my vote!

Get ready for that 5 hour spin. :-)

Maria 11:11 PM, February 21, 2009  

Good luck tomorrow with the 5 hour ride, that sounds like practice for an Ironman...is that your last bit of good news?!?

chia 12:31 AM, February 22, 2009  

Ha! Good luck with that spin class! You rock!

Lindsay 7:00 AM, February 22, 2009  

great job on the swim. love seeing the difference between then and now, even if it is only b/c you felt compelled to show off for the crowd. the monkey shake looks delicious!

GoBigGreen 7:45 AM, February 22, 2009  

You Sandbagger, I knew you had more in you:)! no really good job. I hear the CM deli is good.
Have fun at the 5 hour spin class, I am headed to the U for the swim meet but i am not feeling 100%. No details just...well..bad tummy!

Missy 7:49 AM, February 22, 2009  

5 Hour spin, ouch..in that good kinda ouch way. Your swim times are killer and you're right on #3, the more people there, the faster you are, it's just a fact!

Anonymous,  10:25 AM, February 22, 2009  

Glad you liked the Monkey and thanks for the amazing PR! Sounds like you're going to earn your Monkey today after 5 hours on a spin bike.

"10:10" Chris

Patricio 12:10 PM, February 22, 2009  

Great job on the swim workouts!
I might try the monkey shake.. maybe I can swim faster afterwards...lol :)
5 hrs spinning class.. nice!

Trishie 1:54 PM, February 22, 2009  

mmmmm I'll have to try that out. and nice swim, steve!

X-Country2 2:01 PM, February 22, 2009  

Great swim workout. I'm the same way about running faster with an audience. Especailly when I hear friends and co-workers tell me they see me running down the road on the weekends. No slacking!

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 2:35 PM, February 22, 2009  

Dear Emeril: OOOHH! I mean, Steve:

That shake looks positively delicious.

Nice to hear you are as sick of the snow as every one else...

Great job on the swim...

Talk to you soon.

George Houston 3:34 PM, February 22, 2009  

"3: The pool was busy, and I tend to try harder with a bigger audience. Lame, I know. But true."

I do the same thing. As soon as somebody jumps in the pool I have to pick up my pace.

sRod 12:24 PM, February 23, 2009  

Blah, swimming. That's for the fish.

RooBabs 4:42 PM, February 23, 2009  

Okay, so the monkey shake actually looks pretty good. And I have that exact bag of berries in my fridge right now. Maybe I need to buy some of this mystery mix...

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