Friday Funny 897: How to Survive Animal Attacks (and funny links)

>> Friday, March 27, 2015

Like I do every few weeks, here are some of my recent favorite posts from my tumblr page:

10 Athletic-Related Funnies:

Awesome yoga pants.

Mens vs Womens bikes. I've never understood this.

[GIFs] When listening to an instructor at the gym.

A problem on a bike ride.

Good use for an old bike.

The definition of downhill skiing.

I'm into fitness. Related: I'm into fitness.

I'd do anything to loose 10 pounds...

An awesome light made out of bike parts.

10 Non-Athletic Funnies:

Boycott Subway (not really).

Me with food.

A "child-sized" soda.

Groupon is awesome.

Internet browsers.

A Star Wars / Star Trek dilemma.

A venn diagram of people who get to touch your nether-regions.

One day, I will solve my problems with maturity.

St. Patrick's Day explained.

Weekly coffee evolution.

Somebody got bad news.

And as always, stop by for funnies all week long. Happy weekend!!


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