Devon's Photos from the Indoor Triathlon

>> Saturday, March 14, 2015

I posted my full race report from my showdown with Lisa at the Indoor Triathlon earlier this week, but now I thought I'd share some more photos. Former-pro-triathlete-turned-normal-athlete Devon Palmer was the announcer, and he has a Facebook album full of iPhone photos. The album was captioned with this:

Had the pleasure of announcing another YWCA indoor tri this morning. Lots of important races were on the line. My Best Friend Forever For Now Steve Stenzel challenged Lisa Lendway to a duel and boy did they ever battle. It was fierce and truly something to behold. In addition there was an intra-YWCA staff competition. The first two heats were mostly staff and they took this challenge VERY seriously. And by VERY I mean they didn't seem super concerned about the outcome, even though bragging rights are very important. Thanks Nicole Cueno for putting together another fast and furious race that flowed flawlessly.

Here are a few photos that I want to share:

Laurie (the one who took all the photos from Monday's race report) was FLYING in an earlier heat.
(She teased herself saying she was the only one who's swim time was longer than her run time.)

Devon's caption: "Heat Six is where things really heated up. Here's the two challengers
side by side spinning and sweating in furious silence. The tension was palpable.
These are two VERY aggressive athletes."

Devon's caption: "Oh... how did this end up on here?"

Awesome lap counters for our 25 laps on the track! Mine was the brunette in orange way in the back.

Devon's caption was simply "#FIERCE."
I commented about the close-up on my freshly shaved shoulders.

Devon's caption: "The main event of the day drew a large audience." That's photographer Laurie,
overall winner Bob (who was in an earlier heat), and Josh (speedy runner and volunteer).

Amy B and Josh. Amy was one of my first "tri race buddies" from years ago,
and I love to run into her throughout the tri season!

Devon's caption: "Steven after the finish! What an effort. This majestic stallion was totally spent."

Lisa running.

Devon's caption: "Me n Steven."

I don't know WHAT this is. So I left a comment...

Devon's caption: "You can see why Steven is well liked."

This is Anu, who would have passed Lisa on the run to beat her by about a minute to take 3rd overall.

Lisa and Henry.

I think Josh and I were sharing intense stories.

Devon's caption: "Sometimes sportsmanship looks very uncomfortable."

Comment's on previous photo.

Devon's caption: "Ryan Gosling eating a bagel. Oh wait! That's Steve! My mistake."
I had "crazy eyes" a lot during this race. I tend to do that when I see a camera pointed at me.

Devon gave away a lot of Peace Coffee post-race.

Chris H: another old race buddy! He's been volunteering a lot on the track at these indoor races.

Devon's caption: "Just looking at results... and nothing else.... "
Damn, that's a total Hank Hill ass.

Devon's caption: "Rivals cooling down together."

Devon's caption: "In a display of excellent sportsmanship,
these competitors did their cooldown together. Inspirational. "

Thanks for the photos, Devon. And thanks for the race, Lisa. And thanks for the great venue, Midtown YWCA! Here's my full race report from earlier this week if you missed it (with lots more photos).


Ririnette 1:12 PM, March 15, 2015  

The number of ass shots is rather disturbing. :-D

Steve Stenzel 10:07 PM, March 15, 2015  

I have to agree, Ririnette.

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