Friday Funny 41: Four Random Funnies

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a quick Friday Funny with 4 recent funnies from Enjoy!

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CoachLiz 7:42 AM, June 19, 2009  

HA! I love the first one. Since work demoted me from being the group fitness director to just an instructor after a reorganization and restructuring. I just show up, teach my class, and leave now. The lack of responsibility is kind of liberating. I loved not having the responsibility when the company announced Tuesday that it was closing three clubs in town at the end of the month. I'm glad it was not me that had to call those personal trainers and instructors to tell them they were out of a job in 14 days.

Marlene 7:48 AM, June 19, 2009  

Love that first one. Yep, I'd say I'm giving it about 5% today...

jen 7:55 AM, June 19, 2009  

HA! Love it. Happy 5% Day!!

B.o.B. 8:54 AM, June 19, 2009  

Love the one with the scale. Thanks for posting these. TGIF!

Carolina John 9:07 AM, June 19, 2009  

LOL, those are great. have a great weekend steve.

trimybest 10:02 AM, June 19, 2009  

haha i love the one with dick cheney!

tfh 10:12 AM, June 19, 2009  

Ha...I think the second one should be "a sure sign that your doctor is stuck in the nineties." ;) Have a great weekend.

Julia 10:27 AM, June 19, 2009  

Hi Steve, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! These funny photos made me smile. Lately I have been obsessed with; there are some gems on there! :)

Jess 1:41 PM, June 20, 2009  

That smoothie looks pretty dang good!

sRod 9:03 PM, June 30, 2009  

My scale seems to be stuck "Go Run" lately.

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