Swimming with the CVA Triathlon Club

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterday morning, we headed to the Y for another low-key group swim lesson for anyone in the “CVA Triathlon Club.” (Note: it’s under 5 weeks until these current art students [and recent grads] tackle their first triathlon!) Swimming buddy Julia agreed to meet us and give some pointers / drills / advice.

We started with some dry-land core exercises:

Julia, Rudy, and Trent.
Rudy, drop those hips!

Then we hit the pool:

Julia, Rudy, Sarah, and Trent (who’s breakdancing I think)

Julia instructing the guys

They stopped to grab some pull-buoys to put between their legs to stay afloat a little easier. Rudy’s placing a pull-buoy between his legs, not doing... something else... really...

Sarah had to leave early (which is fine because she’s pretty fluid and comfortable in the pool), but the guys kept working for another 1/2 hour. Here are the guys doing a few freestyle laps at the end of our workout:

Thanks for your help Julia!! You’re the best!! Tri club members, make sure to hit the pool often to get more and more comfortable in the water. We’ve got under 5 weeks!! You should be upping your distances in all 3 disciplines!!

Back tomorrow with photos from Liberty Triathlon that Pharmie and I did 10 days ago.


CoachLiz 7:51 AM, June 24, 2009  

HA! I see that Rudy and Trent got rid of those baggy board shorts and got real swim suites.

X-Country2 8:55 AM, June 24, 2009  

Everyone looks so official in their swim caps and shorts. Keep up the good work coach!

Carolina John 9:26 AM, June 24, 2009  

instruction in the pool makes all the difference in the world. it's just as much about technique and efficiency as it is aerobic capacity and strength.

Julia 10:24 AM, June 24, 2009  

fun pool pics! Maybe you can post some swimming tips for us beginners! :)Currently, YouTube is my instructor, haha!

B.o.B. 10:35 AM, June 24, 2009  

whew! thank the lord you explained that one shot. i was a bit concerned. public pools often frown upon that kind of stuff...

Anonymous,  10:37 AM, June 24, 2009  

I was thinking the same thing B.o.B. haha - good cover up Steve - I think we all know the truth though :)

-Kerri from Enzymatic Therapy

Unknown 1:27 PM, June 24, 2009  

Where were professors like you at my college? I would have loved this! I think it's great that you're doing this with them.

Bootchez 5:22 PM, June 24, 2009  

I think that's an awesome opportunity too, to have some laid back training in a small group . . . I'm sure it makes the whole TRIATHLON thing much less intimidating, and thus more accessible. I'm jealous!

The Boring Runner 5:08 PM, July 01, 2009  

That looks like a good time. What I wouldn't pay for a good swim lesson... And by pay, I mean free.

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