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>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is how I spent part of my weekend at WIBA:

Wanna know more? And see a BUNCH of great photos of people working out on the IM WI course? Check back Monday. I’ll have the post up as soon as I can wade through all my photos. What a fun weekend!!!


Kevin 7:55 PM, June 28, 2009  

hmmm. I dont know if I want to see those pics or not. I guess we shall find out

triguyjt 8:22 PM, June 28, 2009  

Hey Mein Frau!!!!

MissAllycat 8:53 PM, June 28, 2009  

You're just grillin' up a little sunshine. :)

Unknown 9:43 PM, June 28, 2009  

Haha, that's could totally pull in some extra income making a calendar

trimybest 10:46 PM, June 28, 2009  

i heard this was where you were asking for spankings with your spatula!

thanks for the boca burgers!

Tracy 12:19 AM, June 29, 2009  

Thank you for all your help, Naked Lad!

libgyrl 7:11 AM, June 29, 2009  

Steve, have you considered making your own pin-up calendar? 12 months of a bowl full of sunshine!

Your burgers were just right. WiBA was a blast for me.

Shannon 7:56 AM, June 29, 2009  

I like how you coordinated your apron & shorts together. Nice ensemble Steve.

Jennifer 8:11 AM, June 29, 2009  

THIS is why I love this blog!

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 8:41 AM, June 29, 2009  

This is wrong on so many levels...I like it way too much!

Brian 9:01 AM, June 29, 2009  

That pic is awful. I need to go take an acid bath wash right now to rid myself of seeing that. I think that's worse then your feet / blister / toe falling off pics. Get back to the classics of nasty toes.

Unknown 9:26 AM, June 29, 2009  

Okay a little nervous to see these pics.

Julia 10:27 AM, June 29, 2009  

oh boy. looks like trouble! haha

richvans 10:30 AM, June 29, 2009  

At least you're not licking the spatula! (maybe next year)

Anonymous,  3:40 PM, June 29, 2009  

Okay...I know I said that I would never say it again....but that picture of you w/the apron really IS adorable! (sorry!!) Christine

The Boring Runner 5:10 PM, July 01, 2009  

Being late on posts is AWESOME because I don't have to wait for the 'real' pictures.

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