GREAT RUN (Except For When I Got Hit By A Car)

>> Friday, January 09, 2009

Bad news: I was hit by a car.

Good news: There is no “gross foot photo” in this post! I promise!

I’m fine. Don’t worry (Mom). Here’s the story:

Yesterday, I thought I’d go for a 10 mile run, as I’m building up my miles for the Winter Carnival Half Marathon in 2 weeks. I planned on running a regular route. I wanted to do this route, then turn around and head back the exact same way:

So, late-morning, I was ready to run. I checked the temp. It was 1 above with a 13 below wind chill:

Nice temp for a long run. (Seriously, it is.) I quick had a second breakfast (2 servings of oatmeal), stretched for a bit, and took off.

I did better at running easier on the way out. One reason why my 9 miler (3 posts below) got so tough at the end was that I went out too hard: my first 3 miles were 20:29 on a slippery surface. Yesterday on my 10 miler, my first 3 miles were actually a little faster, but the surface was better to run on (we got a little snow recently, and the new thin snow-pack was GREAT for running in YakTrax).

About 4.6 miles into my run is when I got hit by a car. I was coming up on a quiet intersection. I had the right-of-way, as the cross street had a stop sign. As soon as I hit the cross street, I saw a car coming WAY to fast up to the stop sign. She slammed on her brakes, and she was sliding fast towards me. My eyes were wide, and I hit a sprint as fast as I could on that snow-pack. Right as she was about to hit me, I started high-stepping like a wide-receiver trying not to get tackled. (That’s kinda how I felt too...) She slid fast past me, and her bumper hit my rear leg (right leg) as I was trying to get the hell out of her way. It didn’t knock me down, but it spun me around hard so I was now facing her. I gave her a “What-the-heck-was-that?-Slow-down-on-the-ice?” shoulder shrug. She gave me a “Holy-shit!-I’m-glad-I-didn’t-just-kill-you!-Totally-my-fault” wave over her shoulder. I know (Mom) that I need to watch it out there. But she was moving WAY to fast in those conditions. I think she drove along side of me for a bit, making sure I didn't pass out or decide I wanted to sue her. It was respectable that she was concerned, but I just kept going. I didn’t even stop for 2 seconds - I was quickly back to my run.

Later, I thought that maybe my YakTrax scratched her bumper. Hopefully they did. ;) That sounds mean, but I have to admit that it DID run through my head. Ha!

Anyway, I hit the turn-around at mile 5 in 34:53 (6:59/mile). I was feeling pretty good, and I already knew I’d have a hearty negative split.

With 3.5 miles left, I was feeling better than I did near the end of my 9 miler a few days back, so I started picking up the pace even more.

With about 1.5 miles left, I could feel that I had been picking up the pace. I was hurting, but still going strong. My knee and my heel both still felt GREAT! Sure, I was hit by a car, but this was turning into a great, strong run!

10 miles
34:53 first half (6:59/mile)
32:35 second half (6:31/mile)
1:07:28 total (6:44.8/mile)

I got home and snapped a photo (of course):

I got in the house, and I as took off my hat, it stuck to my head. A cashew-sized ice chunk had formed near my right temple.

When I zoomed in to the photo of me just as I wrapped up, I could see the ice. You can see where it goes from my hat to my glasses to my temple:

Here’s the ice highlighted in red:

Getting clipped by a car yesterday reminds me of a few weeks before Ironman WI 2007 when I was attacked by a dog. A German Shepard lunged at me while riding my bike full speed, and I had to punch it in the face to stay alive. I said something like “If I was ready for THAT, then I’m ready for Ironman.” Maybe getting hit yesterday (and then finishing the run with a great time) was the sign that I’m ready for this half marathon!

Recently I’ve been questioning if I’m “PR ready” for the half marathon in 2 weeks. I looked back on some numbers from training for the same half marathon last year. At this same time last year, I ran a 1:06:31 9-miler and a 1:13:45 10-miler. This year, I just ran a 1:02:02 9-miler and a 1:07:28 10-miler.

Umm... yes. I think I’m ready to order. I’ll take the PR please. With a side of blisters, and a cup of cheese sauce for dipping.

(p.s. You'll have to check back on Monday. I'm working up the short story of how I got into running. It's pretty good. And there are embarrassing old photos. You'll get a kick out of it.)


Jenny Davidson 1:32 PM, January 09, 2009  

You be careful now! ARGHHHHH, cars that basically ignore stop signs are one of my pet peeves - they often seem to be looking only for other cars and not at all for pedestrians!

B. Kramer 1:34 PM, January 09, 2009  

A shoulder shrug? That is not the gesture I would have used.

However, if that was me, that woman would have slid through that stop sign about 15 minutes before I got there.


Aron 1:37 PM, January 09, 2009  

ahhhh i almost got hit by a car last night too... not that close but still close enough where you have to stop REALLY fast and definitely send a dirty look.

you are definitely going to PR :)

trigirl82 1:39 PM, January 09, 2009  

Whaaaat?! Oh my goodness!! Am I missing something, or did she continue on her way without saying an actual (audible) word to you??? Ridiculous! Scary. I've been run off the road several times, but never hit. Maybe it's the spandex related clothing, but it would seem that cars just aim right for me... Generally when being operated by someone of the geriatric persuasion. Eyes and wheel direction often coincide. Bad combination.

Glad you made it through unscathed... I hope you scratched her car. ;-)

JT 1:43 PM, January 09, 2009  

I would have kicked the car just to be sure there was damage!

Marci 1:50 PM, January 09, 2009  

Happy you are ok... what a scary ordeal. I hate when drivers have no consideration for us runners!

Kelly 1:57 PM, January 09, 2009  

Holy crap. I'm totally shocked that your first instinct was to run faster. Maybe it's just me (and everyone else I know), but I usually do the "dear in headlights" thing where I just FREEZE. That's not a good idea.

That driver should be punched in the face.

richvans 2:00 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad to hear you came through it unscathed. Your 1 degree is great to run in makes me feel like a wimp. I can't get past the toeberg below 10 degrees.

richvans 2:00 PM, January 09, 2009  
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Unknown 2:00 PM, January 09, 2009  

So being attacked by dogs and hit by cars is how you gauge readiness for be races?

Let's hope you never sign up for RAAM. We don't need a plane crash or anything.

Jen 2:01 PM, January 09, 2009  

Oh good god!! Glad you are ok.
Glad there were no feet photos. :)
Ahh, it is a sunny 72 degrees here in Tampa, FL today.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous,  2:09 PM, January 09, 2009  

Holy crap! I'm glad you're okay! But following the word "blister" with the words "cheese sauce" is so not cool. Almost made me barf.

Marcy 2:12 PM, January 09, 2009  

What the freak?! I'm glad you're ok :-) Seriously she didn't stop?!? WTF is wrong with people?! A wave?! That's it?! Dayum. Bitch needs a punch in the eye.

rolf 2:20 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad you didn't get seriously hurt by that idiot driver. And running in -13 wind chill, man I feel like a wimp then when I can't get out the door in 35F california weather! Thanks for no foot photos too :-) The PR is yours!

Carly 2:21 PM, January 09, 2009  

OMG...I am glad you are OK. I probably would have layed there for a second pretending I was dead just to really freak her out. Kidding, but I would have probably started kicking her car. Close call though, I am glad you made it through with no injuries. WTG running in this tundra.

MissAllycat 2:21 PM, January 09, 2009  

Holy crap, Steve! Glad you're okay!! It's a good thing you're smokin' fast or you'd be a goner for sure. :)

jen 2:23 PM, January 09, 2009  

Wow Steve, I'm glad you weren't hurt. Good job keeping on with your run! Be safe out there!

and you are SO in PR shape for the Half!

Chic Runner 2:27 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad your not dead steve. gosh! Good reminder to be careful out there. and nice ice waxing job of the eyebrows... ha ha

K 2:30 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad you are ok. Jeez! You were so matuer and calm. I would have screamed and jumped up and down on her hood in the yak trax just to be mean. And thanks for the lack of gross foot fotos. Really.

Maggs 2:33 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad you are okay. I was hit by a car side mirror once when I was running. I had a bruise on half my stomach for 3 weeks. Can't wait to hear how you got into running.

tfh 2:43 PM, January 09, 2009  

Nice quick footwork! I'm glad you didn't have a deer-in-headlights moment and are okay. I've been hit from behind while biking and I felt SO outraged. I admire you for not wishing the driver anything worse than a scratched bumper and seeing the incident as a sign you're ready for your half!

Marlene 2:45 PM, January 09, 2009  

Jeez, crazy drivers! Glad to hear you made it out OK, and hopefully you gave her a little scratch as a reminder to SLOW THE HECK DOWN.

Sounds like you are well-positioned for a PR! Awesome.

Darcy Franklin 3:15 PM, January 09, 2009  

I actually hit a guy once. It was a little different because he was intoxicated and it was his fault. However, I still stopped. Can't believe she didn't even ask if you were okay!

Amy 3:24 PM, January 09, 2009  

You're definitely ready for a PR. Sorry about that car....ouch.

Charlotte 3:28 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad you are okay! And kudos to you for being so nice about it. No curse words or flipped fingers even!! Am very excited for embarassing old photos:)

Rachel 3:29 PM, January 09, 2009  

Awesome time on that run!! And especially after getting hit by a car!

joyRuN 3:45 PM, January 09, 2009  

DUDE! Glad you're okay. And you're much nicer than me. I would've been pounding on her hood in fury.

And you PUNCHED a dog while on a bike? Holy coordinated. I always wondered what to do if a dog went after me while running.

Mel-2nd Chances 3:53 PM, January 09, 2009  

Holy crap! Glad you're ok. Not sure i would have used a shoulder shrug either to be honest. I've come close a few times to being hit, but never THAT close. I totally think you'll PR!

Unknown 3:58 PM, January 09, 2009  

Oh my! Glad you're okay!

Jess 4:18 PM, January 09, 2009  

I agree with Viper. I owuld have had a much stronger gesture as well as some choice words. You're very nice.

Unknown 4:25 PM, January 09, 2009  

My run would have ended with the whole getting hit by a car thing. I'm certain that I would have been rattled by that.

Shannon 4:29 PM, January 09, 2009  

What The Hellizie.....she didn't stop? Do I need to read this post again......ok I read it again...she DIDN'T stop and get out of the car....ok I'm pissed! Glad your ok bro!

I did see a women get cut off in the drive thru today and she got out of her car at the Chic-fil-a and walk over to the "cutter off er" and give her some choice words. I was behind all this and was getting a sick thrill out of it.

Have a great weekend, watch out for those slipper drivers.

Have a great weekend....

X-Country2 4:31 PM, January 09, 2009  

Yikes, I'm glad you're okay! Be careful!

I got hit by a car a few years ago, and the driver had the same reaction. She knocked me flat on my ass though and bruised me up pretty good. I like to think she drives a little more carefully now. :o)

Sonia 4:33 PM, January 09, 2009  

Very happy you're not dead! Running is a dangerous sport afterall!! That pic of your blister 2 post ago is completely insane......

audgepodge 5:26 PM, January 09, 2009  

I can't believe you got hit!!! And then just kept on running? You are seriously the most hardcore runner out there! :D

Julianne 5:44 PM, January 09, 2009  

So glad to hear that you're ok! I can't believe that lady didn't even stop??? WTF?

And your photo makes me thankful that I live in sunny and warm California!!

Missy 5:46 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad you're OK...what else would the rest of us do without Friday Funnies? Really..? I hope she peed her pants in her car!

Running Through Time 6:45 PM, January 09, 2009  

Glad to hear you are alright and were able to keep on running without injury.

I hope you scratched her car as well. Good Luck on getting a PR in the half-marathon!


Marathon Maritza 6:50 PM, January 09, 2009  

OMG, so glad to hear you are okay! People drive WAY too fast in rain/ice/snow, it's ridiculous. I would have thrown an icicle at her...

Glad your run was great though! Ha! I love how you just kept going and negative split and are hardcore.

Run For Life 7:29 PM, January 09, 2009  

YIKES!! Drivers like that piss me off. I'm so glad you're alright and I'm another reader that also hopes your Yak-Trax scratched the bumper.

Kevin 8:31 PM, January 09, 2009  

Sounds like you were really lucky. Good to hear you are ok

Carolina John 9:03 PM, January 09, 2009  

I am quite relieved that MN has crazy bitches too. Starting to think our rednecks that do some stupid shit like that were more "contained". If they are really everywhere, we can never escape.

And I am glad you didn't hurt anything. Good luck on the PR tomorrow, i'll be pulling for you. from here in 60 degree south carolina.

Michelle 9:57 PM, January 09, 2009  

DUDE be careful out there!!!

Please!!! I am glad your ok!!

Aka Alice 10:12 PM, January 09, 2009  

....let me get this were hit by a car...and then you ran 5.4 more miles? are amazing.

LOVE the ice on the temples pix...more reasons why I will NEVER live in the bitter cold again.

Do be careful out there...ya' hear?

LHE 11:07 PM, January 09, 2009  

IM SO glad that you're ok and yes it would be OK if you scratched her car. That was the least you could do :wink:. I understand about being attacked by a dog! My last outdoor run a month or so ago ended with a dog attacking me and putting holes in my running pants $#$%^@#@%%

CoachLiz 12:07 AM, January 10, 2009  

Yikes! At least you came out of that one unscathed.

The Magic 8 Ball says you will have a PR.

RoadBunner 12:29 AM, January 10, 2009  

I'm so glad it wasn't more serious! I also hope her car got scratched!

Sarah 2:58 AM, January 10, 2009  

Oh. My. Lord. On so many levels! Glad you're OK and not frozen.

ItchyBits 7:57 AM, January 10, 2009  

Wow - good reaction. Survival skills - gotta have them. Relieved you escaped injury.

Diana 8:17 AM, January 10, 2009  

Glad to hear all is well, that's so scary. I remember last summer, while biking I had a few 'close' calls-it sucks. Be safe

KK 10:26 AM, January 10, 2009  

LOL about having to punch the german shepard in the face.

GEEZ, thank goodness you were okay! I am so sorry to hear about that, but c'mon lady, SLOW down! And heaven forbid she get out of her car to check if you were okay. Sheesh, SOME people.

Be careful out there, Steve, and looking forward to the short story.

RBR 11:44 AM, January 10, 2009  

Once again evidence that you are all around better person than I.

1. Running in temperatures that make would penguins go back and grab a parka. You had ICICLES ON YOUR FACE!! ICICLES for crying out loud!

2. Being HIT BY A &^%$ing CAR! and not only do you NOT eviscerate the damn fool driver on the spot, you are downright pleasant and forgiving.

3. Continuing your run after being HIT BY A &^%$ing CAR and getting a your best time yet for the run.

Yeah, I think you are ready to handle a measly 1/2 marathon PR. You'll be fine.

I would wish you luck on your 1/2 Iron PR goal this year, but I am worried you will get hit by a meteor in training.

Anonymous,  2:46 PM, January 10, 2009  

That was a near death experience. The next foot photo would have been a posthumous number, and it would have had a toe tag....

Take care of yourself, Ironman. Your loss would have been ours too. No more gross foot photos....

For you it would have been just plain over, but for us it would have meant serious deprivation....

Has this brush with death changed you? Darkended your mind?

I know someone who's passionate about cycling. He got hit by a car, and wound up in hospital with a broken collar bone and a collapsed lung. There was no compensation, and the police acted like he'd just wiped out all on his own, although his bike had obviously been mauled even worse than his body, and there were even traces of white car-paint on it. THE ACCIDENT really did darken his mind! It sound like bad melodrama, but he went a little paranoid, cringing at every passing car with white paint on it. He also turned to drink, rather than take a lot of narcotics to kill the now-chronic pain. Just going for a walk with this guy can be a hair-raising experience, because he's internalized the agressor, and shouts and rages at any motorist he sees committing even the most minor misdemeanour. Cyclists have a whole lexicon for cars and motorists. Cars aren't vehicles any more, they're called CAGES. Its very adversarial. Is it like THAT, with Ironmen?

Sounds like it's getting there!

I'm very glad you're well, and looking forward to the story. Sorry, if I've virtually written one here....

Great blog!

Sounds like it might have inspired you to write, which would be a good thing....

ShirleyPerly 7:59 PM, January 10, 2009  

OMG! Glad you are OK. The day before I left for Minnesota I decided to NOT rent a car. I don't have a clue how to drive in snow or on ice and don't want to find out the hard way!

Kate 8:41 PM, January 10, 2009  

Ugh! Totally been there! Scary. Glad you are ok! Bet Pharmie is too! Hey check out my post for a sweet secret shoe trick. I thought of you when I was posting it. I would be perfect for your weather too!

Alisa 9:18 PM, January 10, 2009  

Dang! I'm glad you're ok. Lame ass drivers that don't know what it's like to be on the road on foot or on a bike. I hope your YakTrax did some serious damage =). look cold!

SWTrigal 9:18 PM, January 10, 2009  

I am not sure which is more impressive: the fact that you ran in 1 degree weather on yak-trax or that you survived a stupid driver! Glad you are OK..

Casey 9:21 PM, January 10, 2009  

I've never been hit by a car while running, but it's been awfully close for my liking a few times! Stay safe out there.

Dave M 10:03 PM, January 10, 2009  

Stay safe, indeed! That half marathon PR isn't going to run itself.

ECrunnergirl 8:42 AM, January 11, 2009  

Looking forward to that report on how you got into running and SOO glad you didnt get hurt by the clipping of the car! Yipes!!

Nat 8:55 AM, January 11, 2009  

Gah! Glad you're ok. I'm not sure I'd have been so calm and collected...

Don't get me started on the dog thing.

Anonymous,  2:44 PM, January 11, 2009  

I am so glad you are ok. I don't think I would have been able to run after that!!

RooBabs 10:59 AM, January 12, 2009  

Yikes! I'm glad that I didn't have to go through an experience like that to feel ready for my half this weekend. And you're such a brat to rub in your fast times. It took me about 2:07 for my recent 12-miler. Oi! Good luck with your PR, though (mine will automatically be a PR since it's my first, but that doesn't really count, does it?)

BTW, nice ice! I don't know how you can see wearing glasses when it's that cold outside. I'd be fogged up pretty bad.

b 1:44 PM, January 12, 2009  

A second breakfast...what...are you a Hobbit???

Anonymous,  5:46 PM, January 12, 2009  

There are just so many things to say to you, but 65 people already have!!!! Bloody legend!

Unknown 1:14 PM, January 13, 2009  

If I was hit by a car I could not tell anyone in my family for fear that they would r to make me stop.

M 9:09 AM, January 18, 2009  

Good grief! I am glad you are okay!

sRod 2:19 PM, January 18, 2009  

That is hands down my biggest running fear. I guess that is one of the advantages of living ina city where most poeple don't drive.

I went out yesterday in similar temps and had iciles form on my right temple as well--though none on my left. So weird.

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