Friday Funny 20: Two Stories Become One

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Story #1:
Michelle, the young woman who works behind the desk at Dr. Folske’s office (my ART Doc), is always pretty busy. I’m known for being a little “chatty” at times (that’s a shocker, I know), but I think I do pretty good while I’m in the waiting room with Michelle - I smile and say “hi,” but then I let her go about her business.

Story #2:
A few weeks back, I started going though a stack of old Runner’s World magazines. I clipped a few articles/workouts that I wanted to keep, and I recycled the rest of them.

“What’s the point of these 2 stories?” you ask?
Well, as I was going through the magazines, I recognized someone on the cover of the May 2008 issue:

HOLY CRAP!! THAT’S MICHELLE FROM DR. FOLSKE’S OFFICE!! Could Michelle Lilienthal really work for Dr. Folske? Michelle Lilienthal, who has run a 16:33 5K, a 1:12 half marathon, a 2:35 marathon, and who competed in the 2008 US Olympic Marathon Trials? Could it be her?

I e-mailed Dr. Folske and asked if “his Michelle” was “THEE Michelle Lilienthal.” (I actually ended the e-mail with “If so, oh my God, OH MY GOD! Why didn’t I know it was her?!?”)

He e-mailed me back and said, “Yep, THEE Michelle Lilienthal!” He told me to bring in my Runner’s World for an autograph. Who am I to argue with a Doctor?

So I brought in my Runner’s World. I was even dork-tastic enough to ask for a photo:

“To Steve, keep running!” No problem, Michelle!!

HALF MARATHON TOMORROW!!! Wish us luck! I'll be back with a report tomorrow afternoon.


Lucinda 2:44 AM, January 23, 2009  

Gosh! How cool is that.
Lucky bugger!

Anonymous,  2:48 AM, January 23, 2009  

Actually, that's a sweet story. Reminds me of the "Letter of Reference" the Invisible Man got from his grandpa. You can autograph my copy of "Steve in a Speedo" any time. I assume it's bad luck to wish you GOOD LUCK, so break a leg, Steve.

Julia 2:56 AM, January 23, 2009  

Have a great race! She's much more attractive in person than in that touched-up RW cover photo.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg 4:36 AM, January 23, 2009  

What is more awesome than hitting on the hot blonde chick that you have no realistic shot at?

Hitting on the hot blonde chick that you have no realistic shot at who could also kick your @$$ in a race of whatever length you choose, even if she spotted you a 5 minute head start!

By "you" above, I mean "me", of course. Not ... heh=heh, Pharmie! ... to imply in any way that Steve was hitting on Michelle! He's just a friendly guy is all.

Phew! That was close! But I think I covered well ...

Good luck with the half-marry! Don't do anything Michelle wouldn't - like run it in more than 1:12!

Missy 4:42 AM, January 23, 2009  

Well you're famous too so ....?:) Best of luck tomorrow!

Shannon 5:30 AM, January 23, 2009  

Good luck and that was a GREAT STORY!

Calyx Meredith 5:40 AM, January 23, 2009  

You're pretty cute when you're star struck! Best of luck tomorrow!!

Unknown 5:58 AM, January 23, 2009  

Heaps of luck all round!

RunningLaur 6:37 AM, January 23, 2009  

That's so exciting! And good luck at the race!

Ryan 6:43 AM, January 23, 2009  

Have a powerful race and for goodness sake, put some bodyglide on your feet first!

Carly 7:02 AM, January 23, 2009  

Wow! That is so cool. A brush with fame. I still have that issue laying around too.

Anonymous,  7:07 AM, January 23, 2009  

How awesome is that!!! Great story!

Mel-2nd Chances 7:10 AM, January 23, 2009  

Very cool Steve!! Good luck tomorrow!

Chloe 7:20 AM, January 23, 2009  

Awesome! Good luck tomorrow - watch out for the frozen snot :)

Jess 7:23 AM, January 23, 2009  

Haha wow that's pretty cool and totally random! Good luck in your race tomorrow! Can't wait for the report!

Marlene 7:33 AM, January 23, 2009  

No freakin' way! Too awesome.

Good luck tomorrow. Channel Michelle's speedy vibes. ;)

Ordinarylife 7:47 AM, January 23, 2009  

Thats so cool!
Bet you will be chatting to her a lot more now. Or will you be star struck?

Jenny Davidson 8:00 AM, January 23, 2009  

Enjoy yourself tomorrow - run good!

Jumper 2.0 8:15 AM, January 23, 2009  

That was awesome!

Reminds me of the first time I met Carrie Tollefson. I was with other runners at the Lifetime running club and someone asked if I knew who she was. My response was "Yes, I have a picture of her in my gym bag"

I turned red!

No, I'm not a creep. It was just that I clipped some core workouts from RW magazine (like you) and she was the model for the "swiss hip extension"

J 8:17 AM, January 23, 2009  

Good luck in the HM! That is so cool that you got Michelle's autograph and she works in your doctors office!

Anne 8:29 AM, January 23, 2009  

That's pretty cool that someone you know landed on the cover, not to mention it took you almost a year to realize it!

Borsch 8:34 AM, January 23, 2009  

Awww...she didn't write a little heart around it...Sad Day!

Unknown 8:53 AM, January 23, 2009  

That is awesome! I'm jealous. Good luck tomorrow.

Marcy 9:12 AM, January 23, 2009  

ROFLMAO Steve! I can only imagine what convos you have had with her :P

Unknown 9:14 AM, January 23, 2009  

That's pretty cool...I'll sign you a copy when I get on the cover too.

Hope the temps are good for your run tomorrow. Good luck.

C 9:48 AM, January 23, 2009  

That's so cool!

Good luck tomorrow. Hope you don't freeze off your man-berries. ;)

Anonymous,  9:55 AM, January 23, 2009  

That is really neat. Good luck tomorrow.

K 10:22 AM, January 23, 2009  

Good luck tomorrow.

Emily 10:52 AM, January 23, 2009  

Awesome on the celebrity encounter! That is so fun.

Hey, good luck with your race tomorrow and stay warm. I am getting pissy about the forecast temps for my race on Sunday being in the 30s.... I can't wait to hear your results!

Carolina John 10:57 AM, January 23, 2009  

that's crazy! wow, how cool. that's a runners world to hang onto fo sho.

Good luck on the half tomorrow!

Maria 11:09 AM, January 23, 2009  

wow, what a small world! she went to my high school although she was a few years older than me. her brother was close to my age though, really nice family! she's mentioned in the paper every once in a while as a hometown hero.

Rainmaker 11:12 AM, January 23, 2009  

Wow, very nice!

And good luck tomorrow!

Michelle 11:16 AM, January 23, 2009  

Wonderful funny photo friday post!!! I love it!!!


Read my blog. I am out of commission for a while!!!

Your the best!!!

Amy 11:19 AM, January 23, 2009  

That is a crazy (couple of) story(ies).


GoBigGreen 11:19 AM, January 23, 2009  

Hey how come you never talk to me then at the Y? HA ha kidding. Good luck saturday. I just ran this am and it is "Brisk" out there. I just hope you get to run into the wind to begin with!

That is cool about Michelle. I didnt know that either. I know Kristin used to work there but good job sleuthing that find!

See you in the pool sometime in a week or so.
4 x 500 here we come!

greyhound 11:48 AM, January 23, 2009  

Wow. A woman who could drop you like third period French at any distance. I don't care who you are, that's just hawt.

greyhound 11:49 AM, January 23, 2009  

And this after you've gone in making conversation about your 5k PR. Yeah. Nice.

Marit C-L 12:00 PM, January 23, 2009  

Good luck for the race - you'll do GREAT! Like Ryan said - Body glide your feet! The blisters are atrocious! Oh - and have fun at the Y with those 500s... :)

Felice Devine 12:17 PM, January 23, 2009  

Huh. That's pretty cool!

Good luck with the half!!

Kelly 12:24 PM, January 23, 2009  

What a crazy coincidence! Good luck with your race! Hopefully it's not TOO cold.

Chic Runner 12:44 PM, January 23, 2009  

That's a pretty great story, of course it would happen to you steve in a speedo. I feel like your not in a speedo anymore, but that is besides the point.

I hope to see some redic pictures from this FREEZING race tomorrow. And please don't do what you wrote on Borsts wall. Sick.

And PLEASE don't post pictures of your nasty feet!

Donald 12:53 PM, January 23, 2009  

Very cool story. Good luck with the race!

Badgergirl 12:58 PM, January 23, 2009  

Great story! Good luck tomorrow!

tfh 12:59 PM, January 23, 2009  

That's SO cool! How great that you recognized her and that she's so nice. (Nice and super fast and probably gets free ART. Now I'm really jealous.)

Good luck tomorrow and have fun! Hope it's warmer than forecasted.

KK 1:51 PM, January 23, 2009  

Good Luck this weekend!

She's probably so busy all the time responding to fan mail. You are very nice to let her go about her business :).

Trishie 1:53 PM, January 23, 2009  

That's so cool... damn, she looks fantanstic on the cover (and she is super duper speedy too, of course!)

Charlotte 2:01 PM, January 23, 2009  

Oh wow! It's like you're famous by association:) Have a great run!

Jim Smith II 2:24 PM, January 23, 2009  

Best of luck tomorrow, have fun and run hard! Already looking forward to the race report!

rolf 2:40 PM, January 23, 2009  

What a cool story. And I greatly appreciate the pictures of Michelle so much more than the ones of your feet! Hope the weather cooperates this weekend!

Tall Girl Running 3:05 PM, January 23, 2009  

Wow. I'm remember studying Michelle on the May cover and hating her for how good she looked. Nothing personal, of course... I hate everyone on the cover of Runner's World. But I'll try not to hate Michelle as much from now on.

Anonymous,  3:23 PM, January 23, 2009  

Hilarious. If she worked at my doc's office, I'd probably go there a lot more often. SICK abs! Dayum!

sRod 3:28 PM, January 23, 2009  

Wow. You totally dorked out there. But let's be honest, I'd do the same thing.

Coach Liz 4:59 PM, January 23, 2009  

Super Duper Dorktastic!!!

That is really cool!

Melanie 5:12 PM, January 23, 2009  

Wow. How exciting! Good luck on the race tomorrow, even if it is half of a half.

Kevin 6:27 PM, January 23, 2009  

That is so cool. Try to have a good half a race tomorrow

Darcy Franklin 6:39 PM, January 23, 2009  

She used to come to my cycle classes. I have had several elite runners in my cycle classes and am always humbled by their athleticism!

b 9:47 PM, January 23, 2009  

Takes so cool Steve to be able to meet an elite athlete of that caliber! This year I was fortunate enought to meet Ryan Hall and Kristen Armstrong after her Olympic gold medal in the cycling TT...they are great people and very down to earth!

Run For Life 11:29 PM, January 23, 2009  

That is very awesome! Good luck with the half-half marathon tomorrow in the frigid cold.

BaddApple 12:55 PM, January 24, 2009  

I was just going through my old RW and clipped out some things and tossed it. I should have kept it and gotten an autograph too. bummer.

BaddApple 12:55 PM, January 24, 2009  

I was just going through my old RW and clipped out some things and tossed it. I should have kept it and gotten an autograph too. bummer.

triguyjt 7:59 PM, January 24, 2009  

and she's damn cute too

Anonymous,  8:02 PM, April 04, 2011  

I agree - Michelle is one hot babe. And.... she doubles as my wife!

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