Another Week of Running (and my Wife's 10 Mile "Race")

>> Saturday, March 28, 2020

Last weekend, I posted about my very STRAIGHT runs earlier that week. (Turning isn't good for my sore foot, so I try to keep it as straight as possible while totally easing into and out of the turn-around.) Here were my straight runs this week:

Yes, those are 3 different runs. I swear.

Last week I ran a total of of nearly 11 miles, and this week I ran a total of 12.4 miles (runs of 4.1, 4.2, and 4.0 miles). My foot was a LITTLE more achy this week (not on the runs, but just in general), so my final run of the week was easier than the other 2. I mean, ALL were easy, but I kept it EXTRA easy on my final run.

My foot could have been a bit more sore because I did my leg exercises this week on the days I didn't run. So my ankle/foot was being stressed EVERY DAY this past week. Whereas the week before, I'd go for a run and do my leg exercises that same afternoon (so my ankle/foot was being stressed every OTHER day last week).

Unrelated: my wife did her "virtual" Twin Cities in Motion "Hot Dash 10 Mile" today. She registered a few months ago, and it was one of many races to be canceled or postponed. Today was the day to go "race" virtually if you wanted. She didn't go nuts (so not a true "race pace"), but she still put forth a decent effort and did this:

This is our "10 mile river loop."

Eeked out sub-10s!

Walking back towards home after she was done. Total babe.


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