Boy Too Old For the Women's Locker Room

>> Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh wait... should I have started with "this is from The Onion"...? And should I have said "sorry if that last line is a little too saucy"...? Oops. Forgot.

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Unknown 6:56 AM, December 15, 2011  

My last gym wouldn't let kids over 2 in the locker rooms, but they had these awesome family locker rooms, which was a room with lockers with 2 rooms off of it, each locked with their own toilet, shower, and counter. However, those got super creepy one day when the OWNER of the gym opted to use the entire thing as his own personal changing area and walked out of the small room into the room of lockers in just his black tighty whities. I am scarred for life now. So glad I did not have my kids! My new gym doesn't let kids past the check in counter at all.

Unknown 7:35 AM, December 15, 2011  

Ha! That was freaking funny!

Carolina John 10:11 AM, December 15, 2011  

Good one! Most places don't let kids over 5 into wrong-sex bathrooms or locker rooms. It's making trouble for my 6 year old sometimes.

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