Some 800 Repeats to Close Out 2011

>> Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Thursday, I FINALLY got done grading semester projects and had a few minutes before having to get Henry from daycare. So I thought I'd hit the track.

Yes, the TRACK. On the 29th of December. In Minnesota.

We've had SO little snow this winter that outdoor intervals are still possible! When I got to the track, this was all the snow I spotted:

It was about 3 years ago that I actually SHOVELED the track so I could do intervals. Here's a quick excerpt from that post in December of 2008:

I showed up to the track with a shovel because it looked like this:

There should be 8 lanes just in front of me...

Here’s what the middle of the home stretch looked like, with about a 1/2 inch of snow covering everything:

I shoveled the home stretch first:

CLICK HERE for more photos of that snowy interval workout 3 years ago.

Anyway, back to Thursday. I brought a bit of Coach Jen to the track with me. I found it fitting that the new "Roctane Drink" (that I was just sent a few weeks ago) is pink, and it matched Jen's pink water bottle:

p.s. The Roctane Drink is TASTY! I don't really care for "fruity" drinks (during workouts: no; at the bar: yes), but I've used this a few times and it tastes good and doesn't upset my stomach.


6-8 x 800 with 90 seconds rest (walking).

I know, I know... saying "6-8 800s" is never a good idea. But I hadn't done 800s in a LONG time, so here's how I saw it. I could do (Goal A) 6 800s if I start out too fast and start to die after a few - that'd be good training for my upcoming mile in 2 weeks. Or I could do (Goal B) 8 800s if I start out too slow and feel like I have "plenty left" - that'd be good training for the half marathon in a month. As I got ready to start, I said to myself: "Who am I kidding? I'm only going to do 6. Make them count."

1:26, 1:23 = 2:49
1:22, 1:24 = 2:46
1:22, 1:23 = 2:45

At this point, I set a new goal. Now I was going to shoot for (Goal C) 6 descending 800s.

1:22, 1:20 = 2:42
1:21, 1:20 = 2:41
1:21, 1:18 = 2:39

2:43.66 / 800 average

PERFECT DESCEND!! Nice! I snapped this photo of myself feeling like death still catching my breath about 30 seconds after the final interval:


As I was doing the final few 800s, I realized that they were all a slower pace than I hoped to run for the mile in 2 weeks. I didn't like that. So I told myself that IF my heels felt 100% after I finished the 800s, I'd do a race-pace 400. I was hoping for a 1:13 - 1:15 (that'd be around a 4:52 - 5:00 mile). Well, I busted out a 1:13. Nice. Now, I just need to string together 4 of those for a decent 1 mile...

A slightly slick and frosty track when I was done.
You can see my frosty footprints.

Oh yeah, I did the intervals in SHORTS! In DECEMBER!

My next races are the "Meet of the Miles" 1 mile on Jan 9th, and then the "Securian Run (Winter Carnival) Half Marathon" on Jan 28th. And maybe another track meet or 2.

Back soon with my 2011 yearly totals! Happy New Year everyone!!


Michael 1:57 PM, December 31, 2011  

That was a serious workout...and your speed on the 400 that you capped it off with is flat amazing. Well Done, and Happy New Year !

Kat 2:24 PM, December 31, 2011  

Those are shorts?

I thought you were wearing a sweater on your legs.


Kyle @ TriathleteTalk 2:39 PM, December 31, 2011  

You crazy people up North will do anything to workout! Down in Fl it dips below 70 and I contemplate quitting triathlons forever haha

Jennifer Harrison 4:03 PM, December 31, 2011  

Isn't our WINTER so far the BEST ever (sorry skiers)! GREAT times for December - 2.39! Nice. And, great water bottle of course!

Happy 2012, Steve!

Rob 4:54 PM, December 31, 2011  

I agree about the Roctane Drink. Although I never buy fruit punch drinks, I do like the taste of this Tropical Fruit and would buy more. (I'm almost out already!)

What I like best is that it leaves my mouth moist but not with sticky spit, like Gatorade or Powerade. It is very soluble, and I suspect the mild taste will be easier on my stomach though I won't be able to confirm the latter without testing during an Olympic and longer race.

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