Friday Funny 254: Michele Bachmann's Campaign Strategy

>> Friday, December 09, 2011

I'm NOT getting political here. Really. I'm just sharing a pretty funny idea for a video: take out the audio, and then re-dub the audio with what it LOOKS like the person is saying. What you get is Bad Lip Reading.

Direct link:

"The Hispanic piranha prom had one... Jew... person." Nice.

In a totally unrelated (but still funny) point, one of my questions was featured in a "humor" article on the "Competitor Mag" website. Susan Lacke wrote this article which features a question from me right in the middle:

Nice answer! I've actually considered this EXACT solution before....



Emily W 12:12 PM, December 09, 2011  

Hah! Two really funny funnies today.

C 1:41 PM, December 09, 2011  

"jackpot fishy poo-poo pants"

That's gold right there.

TriMOEngr 10:31 PM, December 09, 2011  

Can't.breathe.Laughing.TOO.HARD! Thanks!

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