Food for an Endurance Athlete (a GIVEAWAY!)

>> Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Saturday, I mentioned some of the great books at Velo Press. They have awesome books for athletes, and they have a GREAT "Triathlon" category. (I have FIVE books from their Triathlon page that range from "how to," to inspirational, to simply funny.)

Well, Velo Press sent me a few copies of their newest book for me to giveaway to my readers! (It was just published last month.) Here it is:

Here's the book's description from

When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with pro cyclists, he found a peloton weary of food. For years the sport's elite athletes had been underperforming on bland fare and processed bars and gels. Science held few easy answers for nutrition in the real world, where hungry athletes must buy ingredients; make meals; and enjoy eating before, during, and after each workout, day after day.

So Lim set out to make eating delicious and practical. His journey began with his mom, took him inside the kitchens of the Tour de France, and delivered him to a dinner party where he met celebrated chef Biju Thomas.

Chef Biju and Dr. Lim vetted countless meals with the world's best endurance athletes in the most demanding test kitchens. In The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes, Thomas and Lim share their energy-packed, wholesome recipes to make meals easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and better for performance.

The Feed Zone Cookbook provides 150 delicious recipes that even the busiest athletes can prepare in less time than it takes to warm up for a workout. With simple recipes requiring just a handful of ingredients, Biju and Lim show how easy it is for athletes to prepare their own food, whether at home or on the go.

The Feed Zone Cookbook strikes the perfect balance between science and practice so that athletes will change the way they think about food, replacing highly processed food substitutes with real, nourishing foods that will satisfy every athlete's cravings.

The Feed Zone Cookbook includes:

- 150 delicious recipes illustrated with full-color photographs
- Allen Lim’s take on the science and practice of food
- Portable whole foods, including Lim's famous rice cakes and more
- Dozens of quick-prep meals for before and after workouts
- Shortcuts, substitutions, and techniques to save time in the kitchen

I have 4 of these books in my house right now, and I'm giving 3 of them away. (Pharmie's excited that we get to keep one!) Here's what I noticed about the book:

- It's over 300 pages, and has some GREAT looking recipes!
- Each recipe has a big color picture to go with it so you can see if it looks good to you.
- There's an ingredients index so you could say "I've got some ham... what can I do with this ham?"
- Each recipe has nutrition facts listed.
- Many of the recipes are gluten free which made Pharmie happy (she's basically gluten free right now due to some of Henry's food insensitivities that come through her breast milk).
- The first 28 pages are an intro that is very scientific regarding how we "use" food and what our body needs. I haven't made any of the recipes yet, but I have read many of the interesting points in the intro.

My copy of the book.


JUST LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST!! Yep, that's it. Ba-da-bing: you're in the running to possibly win 1 of 2 copies of this cookbook. I'll randomly pick two comments to win.

I'm going to give the 3rd copy away to a random "Fan of Steve in a Speedo" on Facebook. I'll randomly pick someone from that group, so join the group if you'd like another chance to win the cookbook!

Then check back early next week (Dec 19th or 20th) to see if I draw your name as 1 of the 3 the winners!

Legal junk:
- Just like in all of my giveaways, Velo Press has only given me these books; they have not asked or told me to say anything else. All of these thoughts are my own.
- When you leave a comment, please "sign" your name if you don't have a blogger account, otherwise it will be hard to figure out who you are if you're one of the winners. For example, say something like "It's Steve S. from St. Paul. Gimme that cookbook!!"
- I'll assign all entries a number (for both the blog comments and fans on FB) and then use (or other random number generating scheme) to pick a winner at random.
- If I can't get a hold of the winner(s) in 3 days, I'll re-draw for a new winner(s). So make sure to CHECK BACK early next week!

I'll ship anywhere, so if you can read this, you can enter! So comment now! Right here! And join the "Steve in a Speedo" FB page to have another chance to win! Do it before Sunday the 18th!

Thanks everyone! And thanks Velo Press!!

(Seriously, check out Velo Press' "Triathlon" category for some awesome books! Great for stuffing those stockings of your tri-minded loved ones!)


TriDan 10:01 PM, December 13, 2011  

that's a pretty cool book

Holly 10:04 PM, December 13, 2011  

I'd like one of those!

Kevin L.,  10:04 PM, December 13, 2011  

I love to eat and am actively engaged in a couch to 5k program. I need food directions to keep me from regressing to the 5k to couch program! GRIN. Love the blog --reader in NC!

Queenie 10:22 PM, December 13, 2011  

I'd love it! I hope it has easy enough recipes, as my cooking skills are quite limited!

S 10:23 PM, December 13, 2011  

This sounds awesome!

S 10:23 PM, December 13, 2011  

This sounds awesome!

krystyna47 10:28 PM, December 13, 2011  

Count me in!!! I like food!

Meg 10:30 PM, December 13, 2011  

I love cookbooks, this would be a great addition!

Anonymous,  10:45 PM, December 13, 2011  

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous,  10:45 PM, December 13, 2011  

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

Rizel 10:46 PM, December 13, 2011  

looks awesome! hope you are feeling better!

TriMOEngr 10:47 PM, December 13, 2011  

I used to have a serious cookbook addiction which I've slowly chiseled away at, but a free one might draw me in again.

amjeso 11:00 PM, December 13, 2011  

I want the cookbook!

Amanda in prior lake

Unknown 11:07 PM, December 13, 2011  

Yes please! That's been on my wish list!

Margot,  11:07 PM, December 13, 2011  

Would LOVE to have this book!

l 11:09 PM, December 13, 2011!

ABC 11:14 PM, December 13, 2011  

I just put this book on my Christmas wish list! I love following your blog. Pictures of Henry are the icing on the cake!

Steel Springs 11:43 PM, December 13, 2011  

That looks like a great cookbook!

julie 11:46 PM, December 13, 2011  

Awesome giveaway! I love cookbooks that have a photo of what it should look like because when I make rarely looks like the picture! I really want this cookbook. I plan to make next year a serious training year so I need all the nutritional help I can get.


Allison and/or Bryce 11:54 PM, December 13, 2011  

Fast and flavourful? Sounds great to me!

Pip 1:37 AM, December 14, 2011  

I so need this! If I have to down another gel, chomp or power bar ever again I think I might have to start trying to live on air ....

Maggs 3:09 AM, December 14, 2011  

That book is on my Christmas list!

Robert Lejeune 4:16 AM, December 14, 2011  

This book looks really nice


Unknown 4:28 AM, December 14, 2011  

ooooh. FOOOOOOD :)
Love to eat and cook so this is perfect - BONUS that it is healthy tri eats

thanks for hosting. you have the coolest contests

RW 4:41 AM, December 14, 2011  

sounds awesome, count me in!

Mark Beveridge 5:30 AM, December 14, 2011  

BTW, my 2 previous attempted comments explained that I'd been waiting for this book, but couldn't find it in the UK at the moment. (But neither Preview, nor wanting to identify via Google *after* Publishing seemed to work ...just lost comments)

Anonymous,  5:41 AM, December 14, 2011  

I like food!

Sue 6:29 AM, December 14, 2011  

yes, please! looks like a great book.

AJ 6:37 AM, December 14, 2011  

That would be a fun prize to win.

Veronica B. 6:43 AM, December 14, 2011  

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Lane B,  7:01 AM, December 14, 2011  

It's Lane B from Oakes. I want another cookbook.

Unknown 7:01 AM, December 14, 2011  

I'd love this! Great giveaway

Christine 7:06 AM, December 14, 2011  

I just saw this yesterday!

Nathaniel 7:18 AM, December 14, 2011  

Awesome book. Would love to read it.

Wesley 7:21 AM, December 14, 2011  

I would love one of those.

Kitzzy 7:24 AM, December 14, 2011  

Mmm, tasty!

(PS - I love that your giveaways do not force people to follow your blog, even though I am already a follower but I hate when contests make it mandatory to follow their blog before they can enter. So Thanks!)

D.R. 7:28 AM, December 14, 2011  

Give me the book! Now!! ... Uhm, please? :)

Shelly 7:42 AM, December 14, 2011  

Count me in. That looks like a great book. Thanks!

Shelly from PA

Kyle 7:48 AM, December 14, 2011  

I eat like someone three times my size. I'd love this book.

Mel 7:52 AM, December 14, 2011  

Is there a recipe for Fried Oreos...just kidding, I think New Years Resolution will be to try to eat a little better.....

Emily K 7:54 AM, December 14, 2011  

i have been eye-ing this book for days! pick me!

Carolina John 7:58 AM, December 14, 2011  

I love Velo Press books, and that one looks fantastic. Put me in!

Jillann 8:13 AM, December 14, 2011  

I really want this book!

RunningWhit 8:16 AM, December 14, 2011  

I would love this cookbook...Levi Leipheimer posted about it and said the recipes were awesome.

Michelle 8:24 AM, December 14, 2011  

Me, Me, Me...I want to win!!

SKMDT 8:25 AM, December 14, 2011  

I'll take one off your hands.

Mark 8:34 AM, December 14, 2011  

This looks awesome! Maybe you can drop your CEREAL habits.... KIDDING!!! Thanks Steve!

Ironmom (Julie) 8:38 AM, December 14, 2011  

Yes, please! Thanks for the giveaway.

hoodie 8:40 AM, December 14, 2011  

Feel better Steve and sign me up for the giveaway please!

blonderunner 8:44 AM, December 14, 2011  

I love to cook - this looks like a great book! ~ Coach Lora "Blonde Runner"

Kim 8:53 AM, December 14, 2011  

love cooking and love cookbooks!

Amy 8:58 AM, December 14, 2011  

Yumm-o! I hope I win! Amy - Miami

Katie 9:04 AM, December 14, 2011  

Ooh, looks good. Put my name in, please!

Mark 9:09 AM, December 14, 2011  

Food yum! put me down for one.

Unknown 9:21 AM, December 14, 2011  

Right up my alley. Count me in!

Danni 9:23 AM, December 14, 2011  

Ohhhh!! I've been eyeing this one for a while now. Pick me!

Erin 9:36 AM, December 14, 2011  

Looks like an awesome book! I love food...

Chu 9:37 AM, December 14, 2011  

I love food. Pick me!

Katie 9:50 AM, December 14, 2011  

Hi Steve! Funny that you're giving away a cookbook after probably not wanting much to do with food these last couple days! I do like food, though, so please pick me to win!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" 9:57 AM, December 14, 2011  

Would love this book (especially for free).

Kelly Benton 9:59 AM, December 14, 2011  

This book would be great. I've been really into cooking lately since I started working from home.

Theresa @ActiveEggplant 10:00 AM, December 14, 2011  

How did I not realize you have a FB page?! This looks like a great cookbook - thanks for hosting yet another great giveaway!

R_Clackett 10:07 AM, December 14, 2011  

Mmm, food! That book looks great!

Kris 10:13 AM, December 14, 2011  

Have heard good things about this book and would love to try out the recipes! Thanks!

Kacie Darden 10:24 AM, December 14, 2011  

I love to cook! I would love one!

Kevin 10:24 AM, December 14, 2011  

Sounds like a great book

Nitsirk 10:41 AM, December 14, 2011  

Ironic to be giving away a cook book when I bet the last thing you want to do right now is eat! However, I'd love it!

Meghan 10:52 AM, December 14, 2011  

I'll put my name in the hat - thanks!

CollegeRunner 10:53 AM, December 14, 2011  

Pick me Pick me!

Need some recipes...sandwiches and cereal have got to be effecting my performance ;)

Michael McCollum,  10:54 AM, December 14, 2011  

I really need a new cookbook. My Betty Crocker is from 30 years ago. Sign me up. Thanks and keep up the good work.

jb2526 10:58 AM, December 14, 2011  

I need to loose weight, one entry please!

Kris G in Mpls,  11:38 AM, December 14, 2011  

Steve, this looks great and I need a new cookbook.

Running In Boise 12:07 PM, December 14, 2011  

A cookbook sounds nice. I get bored with eating spinach salads with broccoli and carrots everyday.

Anonymous,  12:21 PM, December 14, 2011  

Oooh, oooh! (arm in the air, waving) Random number generator, pick me, pick me!!! Pleeeeease - Melanie in PA

bethtrue 12:38 PM, December 14, 2011  

That looks like a cool book!

D Nyce 1:11 PM, December 14, 2011  

Me!!! :)

Robyn 1:48 PM, December 14, 2011  

Looks pretty cool! Would love a copy!

Katie B 2:13 PM, December 14, 2011  

I've been hearing about this book all over the place! If I don't win one, I may just have to buy one.

Unknown 2:17 PM, December 14, 2011  

I need this book. Please pick me! I have seen some of Allen Lim's recipes before, and really wish I could try them all!

Alex,  2:17 PM, December 14, 2011  

It's Alex from KoP. Gimme that cookbook!!

Nicole 3:28 PM, December 14, 2011  

I love to eat and could definitely use a cookbook!!

Anonymous,  3:41 PM, December 14, 2011  

I am domestically challenged. Maybe this book is the answer!

Tracy in Victoria

Anonymous,  4:19 PM, December 14, 2011  

I have been rehabing my knee after a fall off my bike for over two years, maybe eating right will your blog and little Hank

Gayle in ohio

Buck Rogers 4:30 PM, December 14, 2011  

Always looking for new food to eat

T 4:53 PM, December 14, 2011  

this book sounds awesome. here's hoping! *crosses fingers*

Jennifer 7:12 PM, December 14, 2011  

I "heard" a live interview with Allen Lim yesterday on FatCyclist's blog. Was awesome. Here's hoping I win a copy of the book!

RunningLaur 7:19 PM, December 14, 2011  

me me me! I love to cook, but my ideas and fall back menu items could sure use a revamp.

Anonymous,  7:23 PM, December 14, 2011  

I love to cook!

Barb in East Bethel

Katie B 9:03 PM, December 14, 2011  

I love cookbooks with pictures. If I don't know what it *should* look like, I don't really want to try to make it.

Matt Hoffman 10:01 PM, December 14, 2011  

I loved seeing Allen Lim's work with garmin-chiptole, this books looks great.

-Matt in a thongback

Graham 10:09 PM, December 14, 2011  

I have ham...and I'd like to know what I can make with this ham!! Please

Mike R.,  10:23 PM, December 14, 2011  

(Mike R. From Montreal)

Jody in MI,  11:48 PM, December 14, 2011  

I'm a librarian and a triathlete who likes to cook. It's like I was meant to win one of these!

Michelle 12:30 AM, December 15, 2011  

I'd love to win this one!
Michelle G.

Mr. A 12:32 AM, December 15, 2011  

Worth a shot a good food cooking.

live better 1:14 AM, December 15, 2011  

I would like one of those.

Pedalgeek 5:04 AM, December 15, 2011  

I've been seeing this book all over the web....looks great

Kristin,  6:49 AM, December 15, 2011  

Oooo, count me in, I'd love to win!

Jamie 8:41 AM, December 15, 2011  

I sure something from this book will feel good in my belly!!!

Get in my BELLY!!!!!


Nick 10:45 AM, December 15, 2011  

I do most of the cooking in my house, so this would be extremely useful.

Chad 12:14 PM, December 15, 2011  

Sounds yummy, please enter my name in the hat.

Sara 1:14 PM, December 15, 2011  

Hey! I could use that! Enter me so I can cook some yummy food for me and my hubby!

Kris 1:34 PM, December 15, 2011  

Who can't use another good cookbook! Enter me in to win! :)

RoadBunner 2:39 PM, December 15, 2011  

I like cookbooks with pictures :) Sign me up!

Tim B,  4:40 PM, December 15, 2011  

I would love to have this. I participated in a live chat with Allen Lim on Fatty's blog

Lesley 5:14 AM, December 16, 2011  

ohhhhhhh. more recipes to show my husband the chef of the house

longrun4fun 10:42 AM, December 16, 2011  

I have to win one of your contest sometime don't I?

Mary V.,  1:57 PM, December 16, 2011  

Looks like a great book, count me in please. Mary V. in Crystal

GoBigGreen 3:39 PM, December 16, 2011  

LoOks like a great book Steve!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 5:26 PM, December 16, 2011  

That sounds like an AWESOME book. If I don't end up with one, I expect plenty of blogs showing us your favorite recipes!

Lisa S 5:34 PM, December 16, 2011  

I want to win! I'm already part of the bowl full o' sunshine shorts on fb (ok just joshing but I am part of the fb group). Do I get extra entries if I say I adore Henry?
Lisa S from Mn

spartygrl13 8:36 PM, December 16, 2011  

i love cooking, pick me!!

UndemTri 9:05 PM, December 16, 2011  

I need as much help in the kitchen as possible and this book would definitely help.

Jill 9:24 PM, December 16, 2011  

Me would love that book!

Jenn 10:08 AM, December 17, 2011  

This would be my very favorite Christmas present:-).

Julie 3:50 PM, December 17, 2011  

Yup, I would like that.

The Triathlon Rx 7:23 PM, December 17, 2011  

I'd love to read that book!! Oh, and I'm already a fan of Steve in a Speedo on facebook... so is that two entries for me? :)

Stefanie 9:22 PM, December 17, 2011  

I definitely need this cookbook!!! :) I am trying to convince myself that I am good at cooking and need all the assistance possible.
The Princess Runner

OzarkTri 4:12 AM, December 18, 2011  

Thanks for the giveaway Steve! My wife needs this one!

Anonymous,  7:26 AM, December 18, 2011  

Looks yummy from stephanie v in delaware

Mike 12:03 PM, December 19, 2011  

Henry can't use it, but I sure can!

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