Friday Funny 263: Baby Carrying Jacket

>> Friday, December 30, 2011

One of my Facebook friends sent this image to me, along with the caption "For when you are out running." Yeah... I don't think so.

Because that doesn't look weird at all. Nope. It looks nothing like an alien coming out of her chest.



Lora Abernathy 2:24 PM, December 30, 2011  

That is just way too weird.

Luis Fernando Oliveira 2:31 PM, December 30, 2011  

Hey, I've seen this movie. It's "Total Recall"

Mat L 6:05 PM, December 30, 2011  

I saw this on the RSS feed and I couldn't get back to it until now to post what I was thinking and Luis beat me to it :(

Steve Stenzel 6:42 PM, December 30, 2011  

Ha! Now I need to watch that movie again. For THIS scene, and for the 3-boobed lady. (I'm thinking of the correct movie, right?)

Scott Cannon 9:28 PM, December 30, 2011  

LOL. It's an overused abbreviation, but yes, I actually did laugh out loud. Thanks Steve!

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