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>> Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jerry MacNeil from Minnesota Tri News recently announced this:

"Because of his fresh and differing perspectives, Steve has since been officially invited to become a member of the 2011 MMA Selection Committee..."

I'm THRILLED to be asked to be on the committee! Jerry either liked my picks or my rationale for my picks for the 2010 MMAs (Minnesota Multisport Awards). I was 6 for 12 overall. The "easier"-to-pick categories of Triathlete, Duathlete, Rookie of the Year, etc is where I got the most right. But the harder categories are the ones like "Performance of the Year." That's not as easy to pick...

This will be a bit of work for me at the end of the tri season next year. I do NOT have a good memory, so I'll have to be looking up all kinds of results from over the last year. Jerry, on the other hand, seems to have a memory like a steel trap! If you've ever been to a race where he's announcing, not only can he pull out stats from the previous years' races, but he can start listing off stats of different individuals who are racing! It's crazy! He's got a better chance at listing all of my race times from the past 2 years than I do! REALLY!!

Looking through my photos, I think this is the only image of Jerry and I - he was announcing at the Cannon Falls Duathlon this last spring (where I was called up for 2nd in my AG), and that's him behind me:

Anyway, I know little of what my roll will be next year. All I know is what Jerry noted in his post where he mentioned I'll be helping out in 2011: "The selection process is democratic and it's frightfully rare when all Committee members are in total agreement on who should be nominated; and ultimately who should win. Majority rules." Sounds good to me.

And I'm pretty sure this is a HIGH paying gig!! That's sweet! I hear it pays rainbows and unicorn farts (which, by the way, are also rainbows).

... so I guess I'm NOT in it for the money...

I think there are a TON of Minnesotans who would be good at this job because I know a lot of people just like me: not fast enough to be considered for any of these awards, but "into" the sport enough to know a lot of what's happening across the state. I hope I can do a good job!

Anyway, thanks Jerry! I look forward to working with you in 2011!


Anonymous,  8:11 AM, December 09, 2010  

Congrats Steve! I'm sure you will be great at it :)

Kim 9:22 AM, December 09, 2010  

awesome! congrats steve, that is great news. now where can i purchase that unicorn farting a rainbow?

Steve Stenzel 1:03 PM, December 09, 2010  

p.s. I just heard from Jerry - he helps provide a lot of the info at the end of the racing season. And then the "committee members" wade through the info to determine the winners. FYI.

Laurie 5:13 PM, December 09, 2010  

I want my own rainbow-farting unicorn right away. Please.

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