Friday Funny 139: TSA Bumper Stickers

>> Friday, December 17, 2010

And, on this note, this contact form on the TSA website can make things pretty interesting....

Happy Friday!!

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Steph 7:50 AM, December 17, 2010  

Oh soooooo funny! I haven't had the pleasure of flying since the newest grope rules, but I've heard plenty of stories. I can't wait!!

Tri-James 8:59 AM, December 17, 2010  

The freedom pat – that almost sounds legit.

Keith 10:14 AM, December 17, 2010  

Those are pretty funny. And it's only going to get worse, until the American people grow up, put on their big girl pants, and start pushing back. The airports are constitution free zones - don't use them. Make other choices in your life. Writing your congress critter won't do much good since they are all corrupt and in the thrall of corporations and their own knee jerk soft on terrorism brain farts. Write the airlines and tell them why you aren't flying. Enough of you do that and the airlines will lean on the government for you.

CoachLiz 8:55 PM, December 17, 2010  

Those are great! So far the only flight I have taken has been out of Cozumel and there were no body searches there.

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