The Minnesota Snow

>> Monday, December 27, 2010

For those of you not from the north (or from a different part of the "north"), I thought I'd show you some of the CRAP we've been dealing with here in Minnesota. You've heard about our snow - it brought down the roof of the inflatable toilet Metrodome 2 weeks ago.

When we got that 17+ inches, we were REALLY socked in. Here's my neighbors car in their driveway just after that snowfall:

This is how it drifted in - this ISN'T piled from snowblowing or anything else

The faculty office at CVA had snow drifted 3/4 of the way up the window! And the BOTTOM of the window is about 6 feet from the ground. Here's a photo I took when I stopped in to grade:

Our backyard with Pharmie's upright hammock:

All of our driveway snow has to be blow into our backyard (there's no other place to put it). But our snowblower can't get it up that high anymore!

We got a little freezing rain after our last few inches of snow. That gave everything a thin coating of ice:

Don't be fooled - it LOOKS like candy coating, but it's deadly, not delicious.

Finally, here's the best photo. This is the car of my neighbor's son in the alley. I don't think it's going anywhere soon:

Yep, that's a full-size car under there!

p.s. To add insult to injury, THIS was what I saw for Blogger's "word verification" when I tried to comment on a friend's blog the other day:

No joke. And I wasn't laughing.

Screw you, Blogger.


Mike 6:59 AM, December 27, 2010  

Nice! We get the snow here in NE Ohio and my a lot of my family is in Buffalo, NY! Snow is fun, sometimes. We got a we 20" not about 2 weeks before Christmas. I hope they get the Metrodome up and open for the runners of chilly Minnesota!

Chloe 7:08 AM, December 27, 2010  

Man...I really don't miss that type of weather ;) If it snowed that much in Florida - we would all be in trouble!!!

Christi 7:43 AM, December 27, 2010  

Damn! That is just way too much snow! I hope you and Pharmie stay warm!

Kim 7:44 AM, December 27, 2010  

we got the boston blizzard of 2010 yesterday! 2 feet of snow and tons of power outages. yet i am at work. fun times! stay warm and happy training ;)

Unknown 7:45 AM, December 27, 2010  

i can't even imagine...

T 8:22 AM, December 27, 2010  

argh, we coloradoans (well, at least denverites) are JEALOUS.

also, this probably means no dome running this winter, huh? that sucks. :(

cheryl 9:05 AM, December 27, 2010  

ouch. I'm tired of our 4 inches of snow. I just can't imagine living with that much. be careful.

SteveQ 10:51 AM, December 27, 2010  

"Our snowblower can't get it up that high any more." Yeah, after all the shoveling, I can't either. I may have to change my New Year's Eve plans.

Emily W 12:42 PM, December 27, 2010  

Ha ha! That was funnier than the usual Friday posts :) Hope everyone is dug out by now.

Pretend this is real 5:28 PM, December 27, 2010  

Wow! That's impressive. And sorry... I got a good laugh from "chilly."

Anonymous,  12:21 PM, December 28, 2010  

WOW. You got it worse than us, and we are in Canada ...
Enjoy all the snow :P

Unknown 10:47 PM, December 28, 2010  

Thanks for posting the pictures...I wish we had your weather down here in Austin....for about 2 days.
Good luck, Jay

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