Friday Funny 135: Funny Cause It's True

>> Friday, December 03, 2010

The Oatmeal just put up some "funny cause it's true" comics that show minor differences. These are the 3 pairs that I felt were EXTRA true:

That last one is my Y in a nutshell...


Kevin 6:51 AM, December 03, 2010  

The locker room one is so true. I have actually seen a old man do the air dryer trip. Gross.


Tri-James 7:12 AM, December 03, 2010  

That looks like my locker room also. I think some of the old guys actually bring their own step stool so they can prop their leg up!

Unknown 7:37 AM, December 03, 2010  

Hair dryer - ew! Maybe it's TMI, but old women populate my Y locker and show the same propensities. And #1 is totally me!

B. Kramer 10:02 AM, December 03, 2010  

Sir, I'm going to need to take three steps back before I talk to a naked man. Yikes!

JenC 10:21 AM, December 03, 2010  

Why do old guys need to blow dry their balls?! They do that at my hubby's Y too!

SteveQ 10:33 AM, December 03, 2010  

Blow-drying just doesn't seem to remove the wrinkles, though.

Dan D. 10:35 AM, December 03, 2010  

Old dudes in the locker room! Why? I'm going to have to ask the ones at my rec center next time. Don't forget about the naked guy standing at a sink shaving!

Steve Stenzel 10:52 AM, December 03, 2010  

YES, Mr. P! There's always THAT GUY too!!!

Nelson 12:15 PM, December 03, 2010  

Sounds like that last one is everyone's Y. Ugh, brutal.

Lucas R. Tucker 1:26 PM, December 03, 2010  

Shopping one is so true! And, what is it with old guys at the gym?

Jamie 3:18 PM, December 03, 2010  

"You bet your elderly testicles I do!"

It is funny, because it is true. I hope I never become "that old guy."

Pretend this is real 10:51 AM, December 04, 2010  

Thank you for starting my day off right. A good laugh is always welcome.

The Big Cheese 9:00 PM, December 04, 2010  

I am happy to know that once my pubes turn gray my ball bag will be made of laughy taffy.

Regina 7:20 PM, December 08, 2010  

The old ladies are the same... I should know, I am one.

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