Come Race With Pharmie or I This Weekend!

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(with 2 unrelated things)

• On Saturday the 1st, Pharmie's signed up to do the Team Ortho Polar Dash. They have a 5K and 10K, and she's registered for the 10K. The great thing is that the start is about 2 miles from home, so we'll just jog there in the morning! Then I'll hold her extra clothes and cheer her on during the race.

If you're thinking about doing the race, look for me near the starting line! I can hold your extra gear! (Look for the old blue hat with the red and white stripes that you always see me wearing.)

• On Sunday the 2nd, I think I'm going to try something crazy: an indoor 5000 on a 200 meter track. Gee, that sounds like fun. Right? 25 laps on the track should be a blast! ;) This meet also has a mile, so if you'd like to run that, you can show up and have me cheer you on. Head to for more info or to register (pre-registration is just $19).

• Along this topic of running, I COULD have a major running week! I did a NICE 13.11 miles last night along the Mississippi with the middle 6 miles under 7:00 / mile (1:33 total time). Tomorrow I hope to do a 6-8 mile tempo run, Friday I hope to do intervals at the MN State Fair Coliseum, Saturday I'll be warming up and cooling down with Pharmie as we go to-and-from her 10K, and Sunday I'll be doing that indoor 5K. If all goes as planned, I'll have logged about 30-35 miles this week!! My biggest week of running in recent history is just over 30 miles, so I might break that. (That previous 30 mile week was while I was being coached by Jen for the TC 10 Mile.)

• And on a completely unrelated note, I HAVE to share this story and photo. This Christmas, Matt and I (AKA "Team Happy Pants") "Santa" got something real nice for my youngest sister-in-law. She told me not to put this photo on Facebook, but she didn't say ANYTHING about not putting it on my blog:

Yep, I married into "that" kind of family... ;)

Happy running everyone! Let me know if I'll see you at the races on Saturday or Sunday!


Unknown 8:25 AM, December 28, 2010  

Good luck to both of you this weekend!

And I'm not even going to comment on the candy g-string for your sister-in-law.

Unknown 9:37 AM, December 28, 2010  

Steve, I've been reading this blog for a while now... and lets be honest. You fit RIGHT IN with "that" family you married in to. That's even pretty tame in comparison to "bowl full of sunshine" shorts and your latest superfly rainbow spandex shorts you like to run around MN in last season... YOU are THAT family member! =) Hello kettle, this is the pot.

Julie @ ROJ Running 9:53 AM, December 28, 2010  

You're so funny. Posting that pic is something I would do to my sister. The only said no fb. Details details.

it's all about pace 10:01 AM, December 28, 2010  

Grammar police alert! it should be "Pharmie and me" - love tha blog!

Steve Stenzel 11:37 AM, December 28, 2010  

Ryan, that's an excellent point. Ha! I'd like to say that they just bring it out in me, but I probably bring it out in THEM! ;)

And oops - sorry about the grammar! ;)

Christi 12:01 PM, December 28, 2010  

You are having a great running week!

I love the pic of your sis-in-law!

Anonymous,  12:17 PM, December 28, 2010  

Have a great running week!!
That picture is awesome, it kind of made my afternoon!

SteveQ 12:35 PM, December 28, 2010  

Why didn't I think of that? I'm always trying to figure out how to carry food while running. Edible undies... of course!

GoBigGreen 3:32 PM, December 28, 2010  

Steve I feel your swim slipping away...
Good luck this weekend to you both!

TriEric 4:30 PM, December 28, 2010  

Dude, she doesn't look too happy.

Maybe you should wear the candy thong during the 5k. Eat a candy after each lap.

Ryan 8:07 AM, December 29, 2010  

Tell her not to get all sweaty while wearing the candy g-string...I'm speaking from experience!

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