An 8 Miler During the "SNOW-POCALYPSE" of 2010

>> Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's currently snowing like a mother here in Minnesota. I've already shoveled the sidewalk and the steps twice today, and I'll be heading back out shortly. We've gotten 12.4 inches so far, and there is another 5+ inches on the way in the next 8 hours. Yuck. See my last Friday Funny to see how I feel about this.

Before it got TOO bad, I headed out for an 8 mile run this morning. I was going to run easy, and just put in some time. I strapped on the YakTrax for the first time this winter:

"YakTrax Pro" - with the strap over the foot

Here are some photos from my run:

Looking down the street with about 5 inches of new snow

The sidewalk with 5-8 inches

Snow developing under my hat a mile into my run

The River Road Trail was plowed! Awesome!

Blowing snow

More blowing snow - about 2 blocks of visibility

Getting a little frosty on the Franklin Bridge

My first mile was T.R.U.D.G.I.N.G. through unshoveled side-streets. That first mile was a LEG-BURNER! I felt like I was really working (like 6:30 / mile pace), but it was actually around 9:15. That's what all that snow will do to a runner!

I showed this photo of the Mississippi freezing up from during my run last weekend:

Well, here's TODAY'S version of that photo above:

Welcome to MN. This is what December looks like.

Running across the bridge was the worst conditions of the day. All of the snow from the street was plowed up onto the sidewalk. I had to run through about a 1/4 mile of 18 inches of snow!

Around mile 6

Getting snowier

Around mile 7 - ICY!!!

There USED to be footprints from when I headed out, but they had completely filled in over 45:00
(yes, this is an actual photo of the sidewalk)

Back in the porch

Snowy shoes and YakTrax

Alright, I can feel my fingers again, so that must mean it's time to go out and shovel. Again. ;)

Happy weekend everyone! Stop back Mon / Tues for a great stocking-stuffer giveaway!! Great for you or a "sporty" loved one!


Christi 2:39 PM, December 11, 2010  

Way to tackle that nasty snow!

Jumper 2.0 2:58 PM, December 11, 2010  

I have a 20 miler tomorrow but am thinking 20 miles is too much in this weather. I love 6-8 miles in this weather. Good leg workout!

Suzy 3:06 PM, December 11, 2010  

Impressive! My brother keeps sending me pics from the storm, but he isn't venturing out at all.

Suzana 3:24 PM, December 11, 2010  

I'm impressed you could type an entry with frozen fingers! I hate when that happens!

Happy weekend! Stay warm :)

Kayla 3:40 PM, December 11, 2010  

Way to get it done with all of that snow!!! Gotta love MN winters! We're just getting rain right now...lots and lots of rain..which will be turning to ice and snow tonight! yippee!! :(

Neil Zee 3:48 PM, December 11, 2010  

"Getting a little frosty on the Franklin Bridge"

Franklin Bridge... Is that what you call the hairy part between your eyebrows?

couldn't resist...

Anonymous,  4:12 PM, December 11, 2010  

Good for you for toughing out the snow! I very much enjoyed the pictures of your face steadily getting more and more frozen ...
Great post!

Jennifer Harrison 6:23 PM, December 11, 2010  

awesome! But, Steve ask santa for snow shoes!

Michelle 9:29 PM, December 11, 2010  

Hey Steve - great run...Could you do a review on the Yak Trax? I live in NE Ohio and have contemplated getting these for quite awhile but not sure if they are worth it. Thanks

Anonymous,  1:01 PM, December 12, 2010  

I know it's weird, but I kinda miss this. At least to just experience for a day or so. Please send weather here. I am still wearing shorts and flip flops! Great photos!

Anonymous,  1:24 PM, December 12, 2010  

yikes, instead of snow-pocolypse, this post should have been titled snow-collapse..can't believe that much snow caused the Metrodome inflatable roof to collapse! Be safe!

TutuRunner 6:53 PM, December 12, 2010  

you're a champ!! i have an "icy" pic from last year. i felt like such a badass.
mn got hit way harder than us down here in WI.
stay warm!

Michelle 10:03 PM, December 12, 2010  

Steve Stenzel, I came to your blog just to see your snowy photos. I knew you would be posting about the epic snow storm. But even better is that you ran in it. I love that this weather doesn't stop you from running.

Well done SS!!!!!

Cinthia 1:45 AM, December 13, 2010  

It looks like Alaska! I swear, I laughed so hard reading your post that I almost cried. Because I know the feeling! I know the misery!

Loved the pic of the whiteout sidewalk. Too funny!

And I swear, when I saw the pic of your strapped-on Yaktrax I got so excited. It's like: Someone else shares the love. (Those slices of coiled metal have saved my butt more than I can count.)

Glad you got in your run, that takes guts.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ..."

Unknown 8:00 AM, December 13, 2010  

with the Metrodome caving in, you better get used to running outside for a while! =(

The Triathlon Rx 8:20 PM, December 14, 2010  

Good thing you got your run in, because the lakes STILL aren't plowed!! >=[

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