Friday Funny 26: Men Vs. Women

>> Friday, March 06, 2009

I found this great, relatively new website that is currently on a streak of “Men Vs. Women.” Some of them are pretty funny!!

And finally, this one made me laugh out loud (I think the kids now-a-days say “LOL”)...

Like these? Stop by to see more. Some are a little too racy for me to post here...


trimybest 9:15 AM, March 06, 2009  

too racy for you? i seem to remember a photo of you sleeping face down spread eagle wearing nothing but a black square that was photoshopped onto the picture! how i wish i could forget. :o)

good luck on sunday! i predict 3rd

Diana 12:49 PM, March 06, 2009  

Can't wait to check out the link-I love this stuff!
Good luck on the weekend!

Maggs 12:55 PM, March 06, 2009  

haha. the two in the mirror is great. SOOOO true.

Maggs 12:55 PM, March 06, 2009  

haha. the two in the mirror is great. SOOOO true.

Anonymous,  1:14 PM, March 06, 2009  

great them all...however us women are not as complex as all those buttons...we just have 'one' special button that likes to be touched (guess where) and then a 2nd button is to challenge our mind (in a good way)... ;)

thank you for posting your friday funnies! Some Friday, you should do a 'tribute to the best of steve' photos...I know you've got some good ones out there and let all your peeps on here put captions to them.

Good Stuff!

chia 1:44 PM, March 06, 2009  

Hey, I resemble that!

Lindsay 2:01 PM, March 06, 2009  

i love your friday funnies! these are awesome and mostly true :)

Marlene 2:20 PM, March 06, 2009  

I've seen some of those before. Still good for a chuckle! Have a great weekend.

Unknown 2:51 PM, March 06, 2009  

Funny! The women's bathroom one is soooooo true. hahaha

The Boring Runner 3:33 PM, March 06, 2009  

YES! That is awesome. Adding this blog to my reader now.

X-Country2 5:44 PM, March 06, 2009  

I love random stuff Friday!

Michelle 9:16 PM, March 06, 2009  


Good luck dude on Sunday!!!

Rock it out!!

Caroline Novak 9:50 PM, March 06, 2009  

Just linked here from Gotta Run, and thought I'd say thanks for the laughs. Really enjoying reading your blog.

Borsch 11:00 PM, March 06, 2009  

Wow...that one was pretty good.

Shannon 6:53 AM, March 07, 2009  

My fav....the men/women going to the bathroom flow chart. Good Luck on Sunday!

sRod 7:14 AM, March 07, 2009  

Aw Friday Funny even works on Saturday! thanks!

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