Drymax Loves My Wife (and Contest Countdown!)

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This weekend, there was a package on the step from Drymax. No, not more socks for me. This time it was an assortment of 9 pairs for my lovely wife:

Bob (from Drymax) sent this package to Pharmie for... well... I really don’t know why. Maybe he’s just a nice guy. Maybe he knew I’d post about it. But whatever the reason, Borsch said that he’s willing to start sleeping with me as long as people start sending him free stuff too. ;)

And BTW, the deadline for submitting your story for consideration in the “Tales of a Virgin Athlete Contest” is midnight TONIGHT!! (Wednesday, March 11, 11:59:59 PM.) So far, I have 23 entries, so I’ll have a “board of athletically-minded people” help narrow it down to a smaller number to make it easier for the public to vote. If you’re still interested in taking part in the contest, click here for entry guidelines. Remember, we’ve got LOTS of goodies from Drymax Socks and a free race entry from Charities Challenge for the top vote-getters!

To get everyone excited about this contest, I thought I’d re-post a few photos from previous posts that show my love for Drymax Socks. In my most recent race (the Indoor Triathlon on Sunday) I was wearing Drymax. Remember this photo from the run?

Well, if you look close, you’ll see I’m sporting Drymax running socks:

Here I am changing between my 2 favorite pairs of Drymax (from the black “trail running” socks to the red “cold weather” socks) before running my most recent half marathon:

Here I am finishing 2nd in my Age Group at the “Winter BeGone Duathlon” last spring, while wearing my black “trail running” Drymax socks:

And finally, here I am finishing the Osceola Duathlon (as part of “Team Tighty-Whitie” with Borsch). Our team shattered the old team course record by over 8 mintues. And yep, I was wearing Drymax socks:

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I love my Drymax socks! The winner of this competition will get 24 pairs, 2nd place will get 12 pairs, and 3rd place will get 6 pairs! How sweet is that?!? But I haven’t forgotten about our other sponsor! Charities Challenge is giving a free race entry, race t-shirt, and special finish-line announcement to the best local entry (MPLS/St. Paul area).

So, as the “crème de la crème”, here are photos of me running great Charities Challenge races WHILE WEARING my great Drymax Socks! (If this doesn’t make you wet, I don’t know what will!)

Here’s Borsch and I before running the CC “Joe Plant 5K” last year (wearing my “trail running” Drymax):

Here I am in October finishing the first lap of the CC “Challenge Aging 5K.” Here, I’m sporting the shorter Drymax running socks:

Finally, here I am at the halfway point of the CC “Giving Thanks 5K” on Thanksgiving a few months ago. YES, I’m wearing tighty-whities over my running tights. YES, my shirt says “I’m thankful for tighty-whities.” And YES, those are my favorite Drymax socks on my feet:

Anyway, click here for entry guidelines if you have a funny / inspiring / embarrassing story and photo to submit (you’ve got until midnight to submit!). The public will start voting on their favorite this Sunday! So even if you have nothing to submit, make sure to stop back to read some great stories and VOTE!!


Anonymous,  3:17 AM, March 11, 2009  

Hey Steve,

I've got this naggin' thought that there was a subliminal message hidden in this post ;-)

Missy 6:04 AM, March 11, 2009  

I get it already, sheesh;) Way to go on the top 3, very speedy. I'm trying to think about a great story to tell....

Marci 6:22 AM, March 11, 2009  

Top 3 and farthest run... sooooooo not suprised!

Borsch 7:32 AM, March 11, 2009  

lol...I'm wearing Smartwools in just about every photo there!

Steve Stenzel 7:41 AM, March 11, 2009  

Jeez Borsch - you're ruining my story!!



X-Country2 8:51 AM, March 11, 2009  

I'm sorry, what was the point of this post? It was a little too subtle for me. :o)

Michelle 9:03 AM, March 11, 2009  

I Love me some Dry Max socks!!! Great great socks!!!

I love them!!!

Love you too, but i love my socks more!!!

tfh 10:08 AM, March 11, 2009  

I know this post was supposed to be about your socks, but what's going through my mind was "hubba hubba, nice legs!" ;)

The Boring Runner 10:19 AM, March 11, 2009  

So, wait.... All that you have to in order to get free stuff is sleep with you?? Why didn't you say so in the first place!?

Gosh, I could have been rolling in free stuff by now. Wait, did I just offer to cheat on my wife....with a guy...for socks? Oh dear.

Anonymous,  10:42 AM, March 11, 2009  

Just started reading your blog yesterday and I am already hooked! Thanks for the great writing and keep up the great work!

Lindsay 11:40 AM, March 11, 2009  

didn't you already get the free socks? do you need more pairs already or something?

love the pics. the tighty whitey one is almost too much though. no, at least you are covered up in that one vs the magical yellow shorts.

Amy 11:41 AM, March 11, 2009  

That is awesome, Pharmie totally deserves them!

Unknown 11:51 AM, March 11, 2009  

I think Bob knows his stuff because your entire post is a giant ad for his socks. Pretty cool. Those are nice socks.

Gotta Run..... 1:55 PM, March 11, 2009  

You are killing me... Drymax rocks and your wife is a lucky lady!

Crossing my fingers that I place!!! This is fun nonetheless. thanks for hosting the contest.

Tri-James 2:04 PM, March 11, 2009  

I have never tried the DRYMAX socks - must get some now!


LHE 4:10 PM, March 11, 2009  

nice DRYMAX Nice butt shot too...! Nice!

Unknown 4:24 PM, March 11, 2009  

Where does the sleeping line form?

I got those multi colored Drymax on your left foot. Note self tell basketball story before midnight.

Katie 5:37 PM, March 11, 2009  

Great photos! You can never have too many socks! :-)

Unknown 9:10 PM, March 11, 2009  

What a great spokes person you make.

M 10:37 PM, March 15, 2009  

Socks? What socks? I can't see beyond the yellow panties.

Oh, I mean shorts.

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