I Swear I'll Stop Talking About Swimming So Much ONE of These Days...

>> Saturday, January 31, 2015

... but today is not that day.

Seriously, I'm still making solid gains in the pool. I can't shut up about it QUITE yet.

I keep doing the same 6-8 workouts, and the times are not dropping as much as they used to, but generally, I'm still getting a bit faster. Last Friday, I did the 15x100 (w/ 0:20 rest) workout I've been doing lately, and it was just 1/3 of a second faster per 100 on average. A few days before that, I did a 4x400 workout that was about 2/3 of a second SLOWER per 400 than the last time I did that. So not EVERY workout has been getting faster. I'm no machine. Except when I'm in bed.

Then I had an amazing swim on Monday of this week! I did the 9x200 (w/ 0:20 rest) workout I've been doing for a few months, and I averaged UNDER 3:00 for the first time ever! In Nov, my average was 3:09. In Dec, it was 3:07. Earlier in Jan, it was 3:02. Then this week, I averaged 2:59.7! Crazy!

The week wasn't over. Wednesday, I did 4x400 again. I wasn't planning on going too hard. But the first one was relatively fast. Then the 2nd one was faster. So then I tried to kill the final 2. This was the 5th time I did this workout, and here were my average 400s from each time I've done it:

- Oct 2014: 6:15
- Dec 2014: 6:12
- Jan 10: 6:10
- Jan 20: 6:10
- Jan 28: 5:59!

Yeah, really. After knocking a few seconds off each time, I took off over 10 seconds this past week.

I never thought times like these would have been possible just 3 months after deciding to start hitting the pool more often. I was lacking on my swim speed in Oct/Nov (I was faster in March and hadn't gotten back to that point), and I got back to "feeling OK" about my swimming by maybe late December. But now it's just still getting better. And I really owe it all to simply swimming more often. I'm really putting in a lot more yards than I'm used to. You want proof? Let's take a look at my Nov-Jan yardage the last couple of years:

2014-15: 61,150 yards!!
2013-14: 33,680 yards (training for a half iron-distance swim in the Red Sea)
2012-13: 12,900 yards
2011-12: 5,600 yards (yes really)
2010-11: 26,000 yards (pre-kids)
2009-10: 14,100 yards

To put these last 3 months of over 60,000 yards in perspective: in 2012, I only swam 39,000 yards TOTAL.

Swim more = get better. Who knew?


Richard C. 9:27 AM, February 03, 2015  

Do you think that your technique is improving, or is it your fitness in the water, or both? To what do you attribute most of the gain?

Melissa @ Faster In Water 7:35 AM, February 06, 2015  

Never stop talking about swimming! :)

You're getting pretty speedy.

At practice this morning, I held 4 x 100s (on 2:00) on 1:23, 1:25, 1:26, 1:25. Pretty good for me.

Steve Stenzel 6:53 PM, February 17, 2015  

Richard, I think it's simply TIME in the water. I don't think my technique is getting much better, but it's probably improving a BIT. It might just be overall swim fitness.

And NICE Melissa!!

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