Look What I FINALLY Did!

>> Saturday, January 24, 2015

This FINALLY happened:

That's right! I finally did my first trainer ride of the winter got my bike put on the trainer.

Yeah, that's all. It's ready to go, but it hasn't "went" yet. Soon. I hope.

I was finally prompted to get this ready because my workouts at the Y have been cut short all month. Charlie - however adorable - has been really "growly" lately. He's just noisy. He doesn't really get upset, but he's loud enough to get the other young kids riled up, and then the Y daycare employees have to get me. He's rarely crying, but he's just growly. He's been this way at home too. I don't know what's up. He's stopped doing any baby talk, and now just grunts and growls. So maybe, MAYBE, one of these days at nap time if my Y workout is cut short, I can take the baby monitor downstairs and spend a little time on ole' Goldilocks. We'll see. But don't hold your breath.

Unrelated: former student / running race buddy / 2-time triathlon teammate Jeremy was 7th overall at the Securian Run Half Marathon this morning. Before the race, he Instagrammed this photo:

Sorry about your blue splash, but nice running today, Jeremy!


Anonymous,  10:52 AM, January 25, 2015  

Is that like a homemade exrcise bike or somethin? oh, and.. you should switch to tighty whities. they look sexy on you RAWR!;)

Steve Stenzel 8:31 AM, January 26, 2015  

Anon, it's a bike on a bike trainer.

And, umm, no thanks. I like my boxers. (That was weird.)

Jeremy Reichenberger 1:48 PM, January 26, 2015  

It looks like we're biking about the same amount these days, then, Steve! However, mine has been securely on the trainer for months being lonely in the middle of my apartment.

I need to get back to biking soon.

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