More Photos of my Bright Team at the Trinona Triathlon

>> Monday, January 19, 2015

I recently found more photos from the 2014 Trinona Triathlon online. Here are 25 I wanted to share: some of my relay and some of friends:

Heather Lendway is so fast because she gets a good look at the course pre-race.
(She SMASHED the course record at Trinona and just turned pro for 2015.)

Heather can also walk on water.

The elites off and swimming... and HEY, THAT'S ME in the corner taking video.
Note the pink plaid shorts. :)

TT start.

I don't know who Jake was, but he had an awesome cheering section.

Now THAT'S a productive dolphin dive!

Swimming in beautiful Lake Winona.

Me waiting to start as the relay swimmer for my team (the "R" of Trinona is on my knee).

I started with a pre-pubescent girl.

The young girl and I starting. You can see how gingerly I'm running in because of my sprained ankle.
(And I also like to make sure my crotch is the first part of me to enter a room/vehicle/lake.)

A pregnant woman starting behind me who POSTED A BETTER SWIM TIME THAN ME.
I'm still kinda worked up about this not bothered by this at all.

It was a beautiful morning for a swim!

The lake went from deep to shallow QUICKLY right before shore.

Me running out.

The pregnant swimmer just behind me.

Relay biker Jenn ready to rock!

Climbing THEE hill!

Jenn on the course!

She looked good/fast in my shorts.

More bikers on the course.

The sweet, FAST downhill back into town on the Oly course.

More of that downhill.

The run course is nice and flat, just around the lake.

DKT taking the win.

Heather taking the female win.

Jeremy finishing to give our team a win! And as I mentioned
in my race report
, we were just a few seconds from the course record too!

Nice running, Jeremy!

Heather giving Diane and CY a nice shower.

Our team on top of the podium! Beating a team of boys
and a team with a pregnant swimmer. Go us. Don't get in our way.

Here's my race report from June with lots more photos of my brightly-colored team at work, and here's my post from last week with more photos from the Trinona Time Trial. Check them out if you missed them.


Unknown 12:16 PM, January 19, 2015  

I'm the pregnant swimmer! Thanks for the shout out. Sharing your blog on FB :)

Steve Stenzel 2:55 PM, January 19, 2015  

Ha! Nice swimming Stephanie!! Glad you found me! :) There's a photo of you in my full race report from last June too: Hope you and baby are well! (We have a little guy that must be about 2 months older than yours.)

Jeremy Reichenberger 9:28 AM, January 20, 2015  

Always great to race with you Steve! Hope we can team up again this year at some point! Maybe you, Jenn, and I will have to take another crack at that course record.

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