Friday Funny 858: Home Inspection Fails

>> Friday, January 16, 2015

The Star Tribune recently shared the "best" home inspection fails from 2014. These are awesome/scary:

Tree supporting attic.

Stacked boxes.

A loop to nowhere.

No drain pipe - the water mostly hits the next pipe.

Hot water in toilet.

Deck support.


Handrail on the roof.

If one filter is good, 4 is gooder. Right?

Smells like cooked mice.

What a tiny tiny leak looks like years later.

"Call us if the mountains turn blue."

Functional toilet in (carpeted) kitchen, blocking drawers and cupboards.
(This might not be as weird as you think if it was an elderly couple who needed
a toilet on the main floor and didn't have a good spot for it. Wait... still weird.)

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SteveQ 11:40 AM, January 17, 2015  

Oh dear. Four of those seem reasonable to me. You must never visit my house.

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