A Weekend Lego / Train Project

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pharmie had to work this past weekend. Henry and I spent late Friday morning through late Sunday morning making this (watch it full screen for best effect):

Direct link: http://youtu.be/IpOdOrq4i5g

I used a lot of Legos at the start of the project (and used less and less as we went along) because I had no plans of it being this big. At first, it was just going to go up to that first short white Lego table with the red and green top. Then it looped onto the end table. Then it crossed the Lego table again. Then it crossed over a gap to the train table where it finally ended.

Here are 6 pics of the current set-up in the playroom:

Also showing the big "figure 8" on the ground (and note Charlie on the far left).

The tallest sections on top of the heater and stool, with Henry for scale.

The ramp up (and Charlie on the left again).

The long, tall, straight stretch.

The final curves (on top of the train table that I built
for Henry last year with scraps from our new garage).

What a weekend! :)

Oh, and the majority of these legos, trains (only 1 pictured but we have LOTS), and track pieces came from a Craigslist STEAL last summer. We got much more than was pictured in the ad, and it ended up being $600+ worth of trains and Legos for $50 or $100 (I can't remember how much exactly). Here was a photo I Instagrammed back then showing all 143 new track pieces set up in an endless loop (with 3 tunnels, 2 dump sites, 3 mini bridges, and 2 places where cranes can fill up trains):

June 2014.


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