Semi-Wordless Wednesday: SIGNS OF PROGRESS!

>> Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Look at what I did this morning:

That's right, I RAN. Just a little: 24:00 that consisted of alternating 5:00 walking and 2:00 running. So I only ran for 6:00, and I topped out at an impressive 7:49 pace.


Full injury update (and what the Doc found on the MRI) on Saturday. Here's some images from some X-rays and MRIs if you missed that post last weekend.


Anonymous,  9:09 AM, November 13, 2013  

Congrats! Some of us would love, btw, to top out at 7:49 for more than about ten seconds. ;)

Shinianen 1:52 PM, November 13, 2013  

Agree with that ^ guy!! And great news for you, congrats.

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