Friday Funny 614: Vacation Problems

>> Friday, November 08, 2013

These are supposedly actual complaints from some Brits on vacation:

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Bikerpete 9:01 AM, November 08, 2013  

Hahaha ... that made my day.
Don't know, how to find my favorite, but I guess 7 and 19 were written by the same couple.

SteveQ 11:08 AM, November 08, 2013  

I could make a similar list of comments of triathletes at trail races ("I was disappointed that there weren't people stationed at every corner, pointing the way and cheering." "No one told me there's be rocks." "I didn't know where the finish line was until I saw it, because there wasn't anyone making announcements over a PA system or loud music."

Steve Stenzel 5:37 PM, November 08, 2013  

SteveQ, I want to disagree with you.... but I *know* you're right! Ha!

Bikerpete 3:29 AM, November 18, 2013  

Found that one today:


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