Halloween 2013

>> Saturday, November 02, 2013

Henry's buddy Laura picked up some authentic Lederhosen when she was in Germany a few months back. We added an accordion, and Henry looked like this on Halloween:

With his 3 favorite ladies: zombie Laura Ingalls Wilder (FANTASTIC, right?) and a vampire.

Dipping into his stash once we'd made the rounds.

Henry didn't have too much candy, but he was whining and screaming for 90 minutes the next morning - I think his tummy was a little upset. When I FINALLY convinced him to eat breakfast, he cheered up quick.

Oh, and I just found out this morning that 3 former students dressed up as 3 people from the (late) College of Visual Arts: one of my former work-study students dressed up like me, a design student dressed up like the former head of the design department, and another dressed up like the former president:

Nice touch with the "professional Steve" on top and the "runner Steve" on the bottom...

Happy weekend! I have some work to do on our new garage, and then I'll be cheering on some family at a race tomorrow morning! Check back for photos from that next week.


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