Friday Funny 618: Horrible Pop Culture Tattoos

>> Friday, November 15, 2013

HappyPlace recently posted some horrible pop culture tattoos. Here are 15 funny ones. (I want to post this today because two of these remind me of 2 photos I Instagrammed yesterday while driving through Southern MN.)

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want removed with a laser.

Hey, maybe you can impress some hipsters for 5 minutes before your lifetime of lame.

Maybe in 2 years no one'll remember Romney and you can pretend it's just abstract.

Maybe (maybe) Adam Durwitz' music will stand the test of time. His badly-drawn face? No.

Microsoft Zune, as in "was that the demon from Ghostbusters?" "No, that was Zuul."

Is that them as adults? Are those three other people named Hanson? ...aliens?

Ironically, this guy's tattoo is where the bands from everyone else's tattoos live.

Your Sidekick is in a better place now.

Still a better location for a rock Hall of Fame than Cleveland. (Take that, Cleveland.)

You all deserve anything that happens to you.

I did it all for the....actually, I have no idea why I did this.

That graffiti style seems even more outdated than Incubus.

This is the only band whose single I couldn't remember. Fittingly, it was "Hey, Jealousy."

Remember Xanga? You do?! Wow.

Clay Aiken, everyone. The only person on this list who had to be labeled in the image.

Related: here's a post with some awesome / stupid tattoos, and here are some horrible "couples" tattoos.

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