Quick Injury Update: Quick Run on Wednesday

>> Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last Saturday, I posted some images from my MRI, and then on Wednesday, I posted that I went for a quick run. Here's a bit more on that...

THE GOOD NEWS is that the MRI showed nothing wrong.

THE BAD NEWS is that the MRI showed nothing wrong.

My Doc said that I should try an easy easy easy easy run. She said there's no tissue issue that I can make worse, so it was worth a try. As I posted on Wednesday, I went for 24 minutes that consisted of alternating 5:00 walking and 2:00 running. So I ran for a total of 0.77 miles in 6:00. And it wasn't great.

My hip was hurting a bit right away, but I wasn't limping. I had some pain just above the inside of my knee liked I'd been having for 10 weeks. My hip felt tight and sore. I had some slight sharp pain in my knee, but it wasn't horrible. It felt like the start of the half marathon at the beginning of Sept - my last run where I only lasted 3+ miles. I was bummed. The run reminded me how much I loved getting out on my early morning runs, but it showed me how I was still very injured and how it will be months before I'm running again.

My hip was achy the rest of the day. It felt a bit better on Thursday. And by yesterday it was feeling like it had been feeling for the week before the run. I was hoping to try another quick run earlier today, but I ran out of time. I don't think running will help anything, but I want to give it another run or 2 before I rule it out. But I think I'm probably done running until Spring - I think I just need a few months to heal up whatever this is. (The best guess is still my first Docs guess of it being something sacral that's radiating down my leg.)

So I'm trying to do other stuff. I'm doing a LOT more swimming than I'm used this time of year. Here's Oct and Nov from last year:

I started racking up some laps in November last year as I was getting ready for my first ever swim meet. In Oct and (through mid) Nov of 2012, I swam 8200 yards. This year, I've swam nearly 16000 yards over those same weeks:

That's really not that much swimming, but it's a lot for me. Go me. I'm training to take down Devon in our upcoming swim challenge.

Also notice the HOURS of "strength" work which is mostly good core work and PT exercise for my legs / butt / hip. Gotta blast that ass.

Oh, and the purple "sport" hours are the time I've spent demolishing, framing, siding, painting, etc on our new garage. So my injury has been timed well for that - lots of time to get dirty outside. I'll post some photos of that project soon.

So to wrap this up:
1. I still don't know what's wrong with my legs / knee / hip.
2. I'll try running another time or 2 this week, but I'm not expecting much.
3. I'll most likely not be running for another 4-6 months.
4. My time not running is being spent well working on our new garage.


Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! 7:58 AM, November 18, 2013  

Geez, that stinks to not know what's wrong. I always want to just KNOW what's wrong so I can FIX the problem. Sorry you are still having such a major issue with no clear fix!

Steve Stenzel 8:56 AM, November 18, 2013  

Thanks Cynthia - I just want to know what's wrong!

And I got an email asking what the calendars were from. It's from BeginnerTriathlete.com where I track my workouts. I've been using that since the end of 2009 (I think), and I like it a lot.

Cort the Sport 2:53 PM, November 19, 2013  

The mystery injuries are the worst. I have one that has gotten past acute to just intermittent/chronic. You are right though that a lot of these things just take time - months even- to really resolve. At least it's winter and you have a project to keep yourself busy!!!

Lenore Happenstance 8:01 PM, November 19, 2013  

I tweeted you this but I'll repeat, I had to ASK my orthopedic doc for another test. It's an MRA which is an MRI with magnetic dye that also contains an anesthetic. The dye soaks into any tear and shows up on an MRI and is pretty much the only way a labral tear shows up on an MRI. Somebody clued me in on that and that's how my injury was diagnosed. If you're not better in the spring or if this pops up again, maybe ask the doc about this test. If nothing pops up on this test then it's definitely something else. My radiologist friend said it's the test of last resort, a catch all.

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