Friday Funny 617: Obscene Swimsuits and Funny Links

>> Friday, November 08, 2013

Finally, here are some of the most popular posts from the last 2 weeks from my tumblr page:

Athletic-related funny things:

The first rule of crossfit...

Abs of steel.

[GIF] A close call at a track meet.

[GIF] This is the BEST explanation for working out that I've ever seen!


Being it's "No Shave November," here's a handy guide for bike knowledge to beard ratio.


[GIF] Halloween prank on some runners.

Multitasking at the gym.

How to piss off a track runner.

Running safety tip.

T-shirt for cyclists.

Non-athletic funny things:

I want this to be true.

Lady bits.

[GIF] Why can't the internet do this by now?

Police officers: do this.

Chicken strips.

Zombies vs toddlers.

I've heard someone in my family say this.

Everything I've ever believed is a lie.

Dave Chappelle nailed it.

Halloween: Gru and his Minions.

Best use of cleavage in a halloween costume.

I think I'll catch myself saying this someday.

[GIF] Simple proof that women are sexier than men.

[GIF] Footage of a ghost in a graveyard!



The official language of the USA.

Me, again.

[GIF] Poor puppy.

Everyone about my age as a kid.

"I've got 99 problems and...."


Remember, check out often for funny stuff.

Back with some injury / MRI news tomorrow. Happy weekend!


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