Raising my "Smack Talk" Game

>> Monday, November 25, 2013

Words have been said:

tgeist23 is the wife of bgeist111 - 2 nice people I USE to like.

Brandon was talking about when him and Theresa met Devon at IM AZ. Theresa tweeted this:

Hey @SteveinaSpeedo ... Message from @dpalmertri:

Devon mentioned it in a post on his blog:

The day before the race I met a Twitter friend, Theresa “@tgeist23″, who has been keeping up to date on my long running rivalry with Steven Stenzel. I don’t know why Steve started this whole business in the first place but I intend to finish it. She introduced herself by telling me Steve says I suck. Fair enough. She endeared herself by wearing a donut related shirt. We then sent a quick message back to steve:

Anyway, back to that original twitter conversation at the top... Devon responded to Brandon saying that he was nice, and I got in a nice little burn:

Damn right. I'm getting better.

My smack talk even went off twitter and onto our phones. Devon had texted me about 2 weeks ago flat-out TELLING me he was planning on "changing the game" (AKA cheating) at our swim off:

I finally responded this weekend, and I explain my delay (Mom, don't read this):

I saw the little dots at the bottom of my screen for 3-4 hours as Devon was TRYING to come up with a witty response:

All he came up with was this:

For reference:

1:15 mark: I bet Devon wishes that his forever flaccid penis has a zippered hatch.
(I don't know what that means. I think I'm still a little drunk from this past weekend. My bad.)

Hopefully we'll put all this to rest in early December when we finally race. Stay tuned.


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