Pharmie's Race at the Trinona Triathlon

>> Thursday, June 13, 2013

So Saturday night, I did the Trinona Time Trial. (CLICK HERE for my race report, and CLICK HERE for a "highlight video" from that hellish climb.)

Then, on Sunday, Pharmie did the Trinona Olympic Distance Triathlon. I did this race last year, and this was going to be Pharmie's first time down there. Pharmie joined our friend Amblyn who was doing her FIRST EVER TRIATHLON!!

Pharmie and Amblyn pre-race.

The elite Oly athletes started first, then the Sprint racers, and finally the "age grouper" Oly athletes. Here are your top 3 finishers (quickly and kind of poorly) Photoshopped together in 1 shot exiting the water:

The 3 Ds: David, Dan, and (arch-nemesis) Devon - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall at the finish.

Suzie and Ross had itchy backs... or something.

The start of Amblyn's wave (with Sugar Loaf rock in the distance).

That's Amblyn taking our good advice in the middle (in the 2XU wetsuit).
Our advice? Start at the back and to the outside! Don't get mauled at the front!

2 of my favorite ladies at this race: Katherine (the TT race director) and Pharmie.
Did I mention it was cold and raining? It was.

Jen (announcing the start) and Trinona race director Dave!

Pharmie's Olympic wave about ready to start: she was in the 2nd-to-last wave.

Jen on the airhorn and mic as Pharmie's wave starts!

As Pharmie was swimming, I saw some of the elite athletes hitting the run. I wish every race photo of myself looked like an average race photo of Claire:

An adorable soft-shell turtle emerges from the wa... OH WAIT, THAT'S MY WIFE! Go Pharmie!

She should model wetsuits. I mean, just LOOK at this.

Still having a little trouble with her quick-release.

Back to being a turtle (head in the shell) in transition.

Starting the bike with a smile!

Around the time Pharmie started the bike, I heard Amblyn's name announced across the finish line! Jerry MacNeil said something like "Amblyn... that's a cool name!" Here she is once I found her with her bf Jed:

Congrats, Amblyn!!!

Arch-nemesis Devon and I WERE going to team up for the Time Trial and leave all "bad blood"
behind us, but since we didn't, he's still shooting me the stink eye while posing with his Mom.

Devon getting ready to nail Ross just 200 meters from the finish....

... and he's nailed.

Brian (who won the long course at Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon as I won the short course)
finished 11th overall and cheered me up the hill the night before at the TT!

The top-3 female stud-ettes coming to the finish: Cathy, Claire, and Suzie.


Pharmie zooming back on the bike after conquering the bluff!

I ran with Pharmie for just a bit out of T2. She said climbing the bluff was rough on her lower back, but she was feeling alright overall. I gave her a smooch and she ran off:

I planned to meet her at the turn-around, but I missed her! I tried chasing her down, but I never found her. She smiled a bit to herself when she didn't see me over there - she thought 1 of 2 things happened: either I got distracted talking to someone (nope), or she ran too fast for me. And that was it: she was really running strong!! She ended with a 50 minute 10K on a course that (if anything) is a bit long!! That's a stand-alone 10K PR for her!

Bookin' it to the finish!

Into the chute and to her 2nd fastest Oly finish EVER! On a tough course too!

Post race with a wet bike and medal.

We then hopped in the car and drove 2+ hours to find Henry - he'd spent the last few days at Grandpa and Grandma's house. We celebrated his 2nd birthday while we were there too!

Oh, and here's one final PSA: when you're loading up your bike post-race, make sure to take your shoes off the pedals. We were behind this car for a while on I-90, and his shoes were swinging and moving all over the place:

I was afraid he was going to lose one... right through our windshield.

Again, CLICK HERE for my Time Trial race report, and CLICK HERE for a 3-minute video of everyone climbing the bluff at the TT.


Carolina John 11:27 AM, June 13, 2013  

Nice job Pharmie! Great pics man.

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