Friday Funny 537: Some Funny Links

>> Friday, June 14, 2013

Here are some of the best of the last 2 weeks from my tumblr page. I haven't posted links in a couple of weeks so feel free to check it out and keep going back in time:

Non-athletic funny things:

Guys, if you're giving a lady a greeting card, you might as well tell her how you really feel.

[GIF] Ladies, let this guy cook for you.

Is she a werewolf?

Me, flirting.

Beauty and the Beast 2.

Hank Hill on grilling steaks.

Nerd humor.

Ron Swanson on small dogs.

Ron Swanson at the doctor.

(Because I live in Minnesota...) The similarities between a baby and a Packer fan.

I wish my Dad had told me this about sex.

[GIF] This should be a thing.

Pub truth.

Disney movies.

Athletic-related funny things:

My pool needs this!

I'll try a lot of things... but I'm not trying this.

Gee... thanks.

The truth about minutes.

Me, after a good workout.

Oh, you're not a runner??

Some great photos of the first woman running Boston with a race number in the 60s.

I told this to my body during the TT last weekend.

Breaststroke / swimming humor.

[GIF] When people ask if I do marathons.

Squatting is like sex....

Screw "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy." Here's Extremely Photogenic Spartan Race Girl.


And if you like muscles, check out my tag for "hard bodies of the day."

Remember, check out often for funny stuff. Happy weekend!!

Oh, and my lovely wife has found it so easy to burn my arch-nemesis Devon Palmer that she had to join in. This make me love her even more:


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