Friday Funny 540: People From Infomercials

>> Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm a sucker for bad infomercials - I have been for years. Buzzfeed recently posted a handful of GIFs titled "People From Infomercials Who Can’t Do Anything Right." Here's my favorite 13:

1. This woman who doesn’t know what stairs are:

2. This guy’s sunglasses that have a mind of their own:

3. This guy who knows how hard measuring tapes are to use:

To be fair, I think this has happened to all of us at 1 point or another...

4. This woman who is, hopefully, cooking eggs for the first time:

5. This guy who doesn’t know why life’s so hard:

6. This girl who doesn’t know what Velcro is:

I bet she'd be a hoot to live with. *tries to put toast in the toaster* *drops toast and rolls eyes* Sheesh.

7. This guy who can’t do anything right:

8. This guy who ruined the mood:

9. This new dad that shouldn’t be near babies:

10. This person who lost all their knives and could only find a wooden doorstop:

My life in a nutshell.

11. This lady who should probably play baseball:

12. This woman who is horrified she has arms:

13. This woman who didn’t realize that she was holding a hammer:

It's like she was expecting a different outcome when she hit her wall with a hammer.

Is it just me or does #2 and #5 look like the same guy. He's probably dead by now - some sort of horrific tripping-on-a-cat-and-landing-on-a-lava-lamp sort of tragedy. Or something equally random / hilarious.

And I think #12 is my favorite. Watch that 17 times in a row to brighten your day.

BONUS: This woman who can’t get out of her shower without dying:

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Pharmie and I are (hopefully) RACING THIS WEEKEND!! Check back Monday to see how we did. And stop back tomorrow - my former coach who got me to break 60 at the TC 10 Mile started tweeting me workouts to help get me ready for an upcoming "road mile." I'll be posting some of her workouts and my attempt at the first one tomorrow. Happy weekend!!


Dave M 8:20 PM, June 21, 2013  

They forgot the poor old lady who drops the pickle jar and the idiot who flops the pancake half onto the stove.

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