Friday Funny 541: Funny Lies You Tell Your Kids

>> Friday, June 28, 2013

Regarding the "pee in the shower" one, I thought for a long time that if someone flushed the toilet while I was in the tub that the poop would come back up into the tub through the drain. (Our household was pretty open - we'd use the bathroom a lot while other people were in there.)

And regarding that last one, Henry will see a bottle of wine and say "MOMMY!!"

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Unknown 10:07 AM, June 28, 2013  

When our kids see a jug of juice in the fridge, they get a suspicious look in their eye and ask if there is beer in it (since all alcohol is referred to as beer). We always say yes so we can have all the juice.

B. Kramer 11:53 AM, June 28, 2013  

I think the potty training/Disney World one is actually pretty brilliant. Am I destined to be a terrible parent? PROBABLY!

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