A Final Round of Great Trinona Tri Photos

>> Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here are a few final photos from the Trinona Triathlon 2 weeks ago. Some are from a newspaper article and some are from a SmugMug gallery of Trinona Tri photos. I couldn't find any of Pharmie, but here some I want to share:

A bagpiper led the athletes to the water - it was awesome.

It was wet pre-race.

A big row of wet spectators.

A weird photo of 4 people I know: DKT exhaling, Thad practicing his stroke,
Devon breaking his neck, and Bridget shrugging her shoulders.

GRANNY'S GOT GUNS!!! I'm impressed!

One of the coolest photos from a triathlon starting line that I've seen!

There was a volunteer standing there saying "IT'S SLIPPERY - BE CAREFUL!"

Sweet shot of climbing "the bluff."

There were lots of ducks. But surprisingly little duck poop.

Captain America, ladies.

A close-up, ladies.


There was an awesome typo on the medals. It SHOULD say "Battle for the Bluff."
Can you see the mistake?

Amblyn (835) nearing the finish of her FIRST triathlon!!

3 of our local speedy dudes chatting post-race: Ross, Devon, and Dan.
(Ross, what are you doing with your face?)

David Thompson (DKT) on his way to his 4th Trinona win.
Click here for a post-race interview with David.

Cathy Yndestad about to win the female race (with sugarloaf in the background).

DKT getting a smooch from the "podium girls" at the awards ceremony...

... and then some awkward smiles post-smooch.

- CLICK HERE for my Time Trial race report.
- CLICK HERE for a 3-minute video of everyone climbing the bluff at the TT (from my helmet cam).
- CLICK HERE for photos of Pharmie and our friends racing the Trinona Triathlon.
- CLICK HERE for more photos from the Time Trial.

p.s. If anyone wants to run intervals with me, I'll be on the St. Thomas track tomorrow (Wednesday) starting just before 5 a.m. Coach says 400s. It's gonna be nasty.


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