Impromptu Crossfit Workout

>> Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pharmie, Henry, and I should be camping this weekend. But Henry came down with "hand, foot, and mouth disease" on Tuesday (the day before his 2nd birthday). It's kinda like chicken pox. His feet, hands, butt, and INSIDE HIS MOUTH were covered with blisters and looked like this:

He hasn't wanted to eat much because he keeps saying "mouth... hurt..." Poor guy. He's finally on the up-swing, we think. He woke up a few times last night, but his spirit seems to be better. The sores are more red (like they're coming to the surface), but Pharmie thinks they're starting to run their course.

So yesterday as he was napping, I wanted to try to get in an upper-body workout. I thought I'd make up some sort of quick crossfit workout. I knew I wanted to do pushups and pull-ups (upper body stuff), but just doing those back-to-back would kill me. I tweeted for help, and someone suggested burpees. And I figured I'd add in some lunges too. So I went out to the garage (Pharmie was home too - I didn't just leave Henry in the house alone) with my workout notes:

(The pushups and pull-ups were 1/3 of my max, and I just guessed on the best numbers for
burpees and lunges. It turns out I maybe should have went for 5 or 6 pull-ups.)

The goal was to do 10 rounds as quickly as possible (but with good form) and with no breaks.

By the end of the first round, I was breathing hard. After a few more, I was dripping sweat. I was taking just over 2:00 / round, and I finished in 20:54. My garage floor was just a little dusty, but once I started getting sweaty, that dust was turning to mud. I finished with my hands looking like this:

And here's the spot were I was doing the burpees. You can see 2 wet hand marks on either side, and drips of sweat from off my face in the middle:

Not a bad way to fit in 160 pushups, 160 lunges, 100 burpees, and 40 pull-ups in 20 minutes!

Henry was still sleeping, so I snuck out for a quick and SUPER EASY 10 mile ride just to flush out my legs a bit. My legs were still a little sore from a NASTY run the day before where I went out too hard and... well... I'll let my post-run tweet do the talking:

Back with the full story on THAT on Monday....

In the meantime, my wife FINALLY blogged about her last 3 races: here's the link to her "Fast Before the Feast 10K," "Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon," and her "Minneapolis Marathon" race reports (all in one post). Check it out. Happy weekend!


Karen 6:13 PM, June 15, 2013  

Dirty workouts are the best.

Anonymous,  9:20 AM, June 16, 2013  

Your gonna get tettnius like this!
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