Mama Running at the Minneapolis Marathon: NUMBER 15!

>> Monday, June 03, 2013

It's been awhile since Henry's had his voice heard here on my blog. So it's time. Henry, take over for the day and tell everyone about Mama's 15th marathon: the Minneapolis Marathon!

Thanks Dad. Go shave your back or something. I got this.

When Dad and I woke up yesterday, Mama was gone. We ate breakfast and played, and then Dad loaded me into the stroller on a cool, breezy, 50 degree morning:


Dad stopped a mile from home and snapped this photo to put on Instagram (AKA "Mainly-a-ton-of-photos-of-Henry"):

"Crossing the Mississippi with Henry on our way to cheer at the marathon. #NoFilter"

Shortly after crossing into Suck-eapolis, I saw a TON of runners around mile 15!

Mama and Laura in the distance! (I like Laura too - I give her hugs.)

Mama coming at me!

Dad couldn't hold me back! I smiled and ran out in the middle of the race to find Mama!! A cheering section of a dozen people across the road said "Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!"

Running back to Dad to let Mama keep racing!

Mama and Laura (blue) running off, along with their new friend Kate (#9)!

I didn't really want to get back in the stroller, but then Dad asked "Do you want to the playground?" I said "YAY! PAYGOWNED! PAYGOWNED!" And I practically climbed into the stroller and buckled myself in! Let's get to the damn playground, Dad!

We ran to the start of the Greenway Trail and hopped on that for just a few blocks. Then we turned off to Brackett Park - neither Dad or I had been there before, but it looked awesome.

Am I doing this right?

This slide looked kinda steep...

... turns out it was a little TOO steep. I bonked my head.

Dad took me on the swing as I was still crying to try to get me to calm down.
He knew I was just pouting for attention at this point. He's got me figured out.

I went back and had a good time on the other (more "Henry-friendly") slide.
I hit this at least a dozen times.

Why did Dad keep calling me "cousin Eddie?!?"

... oh... I see it now.

Wait, am I getting ANY closer to doing this right?

Teeter-Totter with Dad!!!


Don't worry Dad. I'm at the wheel. You sit back and relax.

Another one of Dad's Instagrams: "Having a snack at the park
while waiting to see Mama again at the #MinneapolisMarathon"

After playing hard for an hour, Dad threw me back in the stroller, and we got back to River Road. We ran on the trail against the runners until we spotted someone familiar in the distance:

Yay! Laura and Mama are still together!!!

Mama running up to say hi!

Dad and I kept up to the fast-racing team of Mama and Laura for about a mile (roughly mile 23-24).

Laura's Hubby Jared joined in on his bike for a bit too. With just over
700 marathon runners, it wasn't crowded. (The half marathon had nearly 2500 runners.)

Laura and Mama!

Running off towards the finish!! That's the mile 24 "flag" just a block in front of them.

We cheered for another minute, and then Dad and I headed for home. Dad was smart enough to strap my "munch cup" into the stroller, because he knew that THIS was going to happen:

I partied hard all morning... cut me some slack.

Mama post-race wearing her race shirt, race medal, and compression tights! CONGRATS MAMA!!

Dad and I were at home eating a snack of ham and pears when Mama made it back home. We also had some shredded BBQ chicken started in the crockpot so Mama would have a good recovery meal later that day - I helped cut up (and munch on) the onion! Mama and Laura both finished the the exact same time: 4:24:48. Mama called that a "very average finishing time" for herself. She did great! Shortly after Mama got home, Dad put me down for a nap, and I bet Mama took a nap too. It was a fun morning for all of us!

OK Dad, I'm done. This blog is yours again. I'll be over here with my blocks.

Thanks Henry. And CONGRATS Pharmie and Laura on a great marathon!! (Pharmie's 15th and Laura's 2nd - both with Pharmie!) Hope you 2 are feeling OK today!


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