A Running Shoe PSA (and Instagram of the Day)

>> Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I recently posted this on Instagram:

"What's better than a new pair of Nikes from @runnfun? Getting FREE Nikes
with @RunMDRA "Grand Prix" winnings from 2012! #StillHaveTwelveBucksToSpend"

And as a quick PSA: EVERYONE CHECK THE MILAGE ON YOUR SHOES!! I program a "warning" to show up in my BeginnerTriathlete.com log (where I track my miles) at 300 miles. Usually, by 400 miles I make sure to have them replaced (I get injured a lot, and worn-out shoes don't help anything).

Well I thought my shoes might be getting close, but a warning wasn't popping up yet. I manually looked it up, and saw that I forgot to program in a warning at a certain milage! My shoes had 690.82 miles on them!! Oops. My new shoes happily took over.


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