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>> Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Winona Daily News briefly interviewed me after the Trinona Time Trial 10 days ago, but they tweeted me and said they weren't going to use any of my interview. (I suck at talking.)

But they DID put together a slide show of some photos from the Time Trial. Here are 6 I want to share:


More climbing, nearing the turn-off.

He's in the middle of the steepest little climb near the end of the TT...
AND he's smiling! LOVE this guy!

The short, quick little downhill to the finish.

Someone about to finish.

Andrew Dahl, racer #1 and "the rabbit," hitting the line with an epic push.
And that's my wife just to the right of his head (among the cars) looking for me just behind him!

Trinona put up a big SmugMug gallery of TT photos, and here are 6 from that album:

Rolling around with a dumb grin on my face pre-race.

Cheering with everyone else (after I finished) at the turn-off with around 0.5 miles to go.

Sweet shot of Jenn coming to the finish (just 2 seconds behind the 1st female).

Katherine, the winner (in green), and Andrew (one of the sponsors and rider #1).

Finishing for the 2nd time while holding the helmet cam in my hand (and taking video).

The 20 TTers who beat Andrew's time.

Finally, here are 2 more photos of the 2013 TT from Trinona website:


Sweet climbing photo. Love / Hate that hill.

I'll have a few more photos from my wife's race at Trinona shortly.

- CLICK HERE for my Time Trial race report.
- CLICK HERE for a 3-minute video of everyone climbing the bluff at the TT (from my helmet cam).
- CLICK HERE for photos of Pharmie and our friends racing the Trinona Triathlon.


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