Updated "Grand Prix" Standings

>> Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm proud of myself.

Why? Because I'm doing so poorly in the 2013 MDRA Grand Prix series:

When people heard me say things like "I'm not putting any pressure on myself to race 10 Grand Prix races this year," and "I'll probably only race 5 or so of the series races," they weren't sure I could do that. (Both of those quotes came from this post back in January.) People would say "Yeah right Steve... I know you, and it'll be hard for you NOT to race every race!"

Well, I'm not racing every race! There are 13 races this year, and the best 10 finishes count. I've only done 1 of the first 3, and there's NO WAY I'm doing the 2 marathons, I plan on doing a duathlon on the day of the Get in Gear 10K, and I think the New Prague Half is in the middle of a lot of duathlons, so that one's out too. That means I'm realistically looking at finishing 7 of the 13 races AT THE MOST this year.

I'm happy that I'm OK with dialing back the road racing this year.

Oh, and 2 other things to note about the current results:

1. Jeremy is in 4th overall!!!! He's doing great this year! He'd have more points from the last race if he weren't 2 minutes late - everything is scored by "gun time" not "chip time" for the series, so his official results are about 2 and a half minutes slower than he actually ran it. Oops. (At a quick glance of the results for that race, he'd have about 100 more points if he were there on time, and that'd put him in 3rd right now.) But nice work so far in the series, Jeremy!

2. Ben Merchant is in 9th place right now with 2 perfect 1000 scores. Last year he had a perfect 1000 in 8 races, was beat once in another race, and then didn't race the last race in the series which allowed me to hang on for the win. I'm kinda hoping he can score a perfect 10,000 this year!! He's a great runner.

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