Friday Funny 492: 10 Things to Make You Smile

>> Friday, March 22, 2013

I recently saw a list of "25 things to make you smile," and I'd like to share my top 10:

#10. This girl is finding out she'll be the first in her family to go to college:

#9. I love 2 things about this next one. First of all, I love Jay-Z's first few remarks. Secondly, I love that he's taking the subway to his show!

#8. What's not to love about otters chasing a butterfly?

#7. Good cops:

#6. LaBron tackles this fan after making a great shot:

#5. This volunteer's reaction is hardly containable after getting an unexpected fist bump from Usain Bolt during the London Olympics. (I recently posted a similar gif on my tumblr page of this.)

#4. This:

Heavy. Beautiful.

#3. This video is a few years old, but I NEVER get sick of watching it. It's a 29-year-old woman who was born deaf and is now hearing for the first time. Try not to smile / cry:

#2. The best sign EVER:

#1. He might have the best job ever:

BONUS: here's a 3-year-old girl on her birthday SUPER excited to take a train for the first time:

And a boy excited to see bubbles:

Hope I made you smile!  :)


Unknown 7:24 AM, March 22, 2013  

Thanks, made my day!

Graham 8:08 AM, March 22, 2013  

Happy Smiling tears on a Friday morning! Those are awesome.

Merrilee 6:19 PM, March 22, 2013  

Those were great! Good perspective at the end of a long week.

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