Friday Funny 482: Hair Removal Question from a Reader

>> Friday, March 01, 2013

So I recently got a leg shaving question from a male reader:

I follow your blog and thought you would be the right guy to ask this question (basically you seem to have wide personal boundaries and are at least as hairy as I am).

So, if you are not weirded out yet here is the question.

When you went about your hair removal, where did you stop when shaving up your leg? I ask because I have contemplated he idea of shaving my legs for tri season so I can fit in and at least look fast, but I am not sure where to stop? Do I leave a hair speedo? Less? If so, how does one go about shaving the, well more hard to reach areas?

Here's the note I sent back:

Oh I'm NEVER weirded out by "hair talk!" It's just a frank conversation...

It is a weird "line" to leave. I tend to leave the "hairy speedo." Once, I kind of thinned out my lower butt hair with our electric razor so I wouldn't have a LINE of hair / no hair on my ass. That actually worked kind of well.

Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!!

So I have 2 things for all of you regarding this:

1. You probably never want to use my electric razor.

2. Do any of you guys have thoughts for this fine, young, hairy man? Or ladies, what has your hairy, athletic man done with regards to this issue in the past?

In case your wondering about my body hair removal, here are 3 links with photos / videos of some of my hair removal exploits:

        Here's my chest waxing video from 2008 from before the LTF Triathlon.
        Here's another video from an entire body shaving from 2010.
        And here are a lot of photos from a back-shaving a little later in 2010.


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Anonymous,  11:18 AM, March 01, 2013  

This is funny. I shave EVERYTHING. Once you start, you can't stop. To some that may seem gross but imagine this. Have you ever been 2-3 months overdue for a haircut and finely got it cut really short? It feels amazingly fresh and clean. Imagine that feeling all over. In fact, between events, I do the reverse of a "hairy speedo". I don't think I'll ever be able to let it grow out. Just feels disgusting over time. Easiest way to do it is get electric hair clippers and use the shortest guard possible. If you go guardless you're bound to get cut. Don't even try it.

Steve Stenzel 11:30 AM, March 01, 2013  

" If you go guardless you're bound to get cut. Don't even try it." - probably the best advice ever from an Anonymous commenter. This is the truth.

Thanks Anon!

James Ford 11:32 AM, March 01, 2013  

I got my brides advice on this. All I can say is brown chicken brown cow! if you're picking up what I am putting down ;)

S Scarboro 12:02 PM, March 01, 2013  

I agree 100% with Anonymous. Make sure the first time the use clippers with the shortest head the first time after that use the razor and watch out for those easy to nick areas. OUCH! Also there is no shame in having your wife shave your back. That is if you can convince them. It is infinitely easier because no matter how much you twist an contort you will miss spots.
Also be aware the first time when you shave your "speedo" as razor burn doesn't feel good either. Sadly I think that's usually a "let's shave it this way" and hope that you don't get "the bun"
Good luck and as Anonymous said once you do it and get over that you'll likely prefer it

Kimberly Truesdell 12:16 PM, March 01, 2013  

My husband, who is not as hairy as you, shaves just the legs but the ENTIRE leg. I'm not sure if there's a speedo line to shave but it's all gone by the time it's available for my viewing pleasure. I know he does clippers first, guarded, then razor. Just hope he doesn't use mine.

Anonymous,  12:59 PM, March 01, 2013  

First, I can't believe I watched the videos. Second, so happy to be a lesbian!

Carolina John 1:37 PM, March 01, 2013  

yea man, I go all the way too. Hairy speedo is a good description. you can't leave anything poking out from under the suit! Clean and sexy is the way to go.

Steve Stenzel 2:53 PM, March 01, 2013  

Oh great... I turned a lesbian into a BIGGER lesbian. :) Ha!

trimybest 3:20 PM, March 01, 2013  

is it weird i started doing triathlons so that i wouldnt seem like a weirdo who shaves his legs for no reason?

be a man, SHAVE IT ALL. or just use veet. that shit is awesome!..... although i *hear* that it seems less manly when your lady friend walks into the bathroom and you are slathered in white cream from the waist down while playing angry birds on your phone.

Justin 3:36 PM, March 01, 2013  

Yeah man, just mow it down! Clippers with guard at lowest is what I do (everywhere). Right now I'm pretty much sporting my "winter coat" though :)

emma william 9:33 AM, March 18, 2013  

Well my husband do shave these areas and it is normal i guess, the hair does become thick, some men also use hair removing creams for this purpose.

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