Time for some winter motivation...

>> Tuesday, February 28, 2012

... and nothing gets me motivated like knowing that I have a race on my calendar.

My next RUNNING race is less than 3 weeks away (the "Human Race 8K" - part of the MDRA Grand Prix series), but I need motivation to get on my bike for TRIATHLON season. So yesterday, I did this:

I WANTED to register for the Sprint Distance in each, but to REALLY make me get my ass in gear, I registered for the Olympic Distance in each!

Oh, and when it asked for an "inspirational story" to share, I added this:

Both of those are super inspirational. And both are true.

For the record, I'm NOT expecting an Oly PR this year. Year-after-year, I kept finding myself getting faster and faster, but that WILL end this year. I first started with an Oly finish time of just under 3 hours in 2006. Then I knocked it down to 2:37 (2008). Then 2:23 (2009). Then 2:15 (2010). And that is NOT getting any lower this year.

First of all, these are not FAST races. They are both good races (I've never raced Trinona, but it's been voted "Race of the Year" a few times and I've ONLY heard good things). But they are NOT fast: there's a MAJOR climb at Trinona, and MPLS Tri is pretty technical.

Secondly, I'm not "training" much right now, I'm just "being fit." I've been running a lot (and a lot of that has been with Henry), but I haven't been getting in great workouts. And I'm not swimming, and I need to be hitting my bike more. This will hopefully be a good year of running, but my multi-sport will suffer a bit. And I'm OK with that.

So, anyway, with these 2 new registrations, it's time for me to get my butt in gear!!! There's a MULTI-SPORT season just around the corner!!

p.s. I'll have Henry with me at Trinona, and Pharmie will NOT be there. So if you'll be there for the race, you can help watch Henry for me! Just let me know! :)

p.p.s. Local Pro Triathlete David Thompson (DKT) gave his "top 10 reasons" to race Trinona after last year's race. Click here to read why he loves that triathlon! I hope I enjoy it as much as he does!


Carolina John 7:41 AM, February 28, 2012  

Good luck bro! It is really hard to get faster than a 2:15 anyway. Just get fit and knock them down.

Aaron Gregerson 8:15 AM, February 28, 2012  

Steve, I've raced the olympic Trinona course the past two years - you're going to love it! It's a great race, very well run. See you there in June!

SteveQ 10:26 AM, February 28, 2012  

Some people are born with a lot of back hair, some people achieve it and others have it thrust upon them.

Anonymous,  11:17 AM, February 28, 2012  


Some people are born with an orange Runt stuck up their nose, some place it there themselves, and others have it thrust into them?

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