Henry's First Swim Lesson!

>> Saturday, February 25, 2012

Henry had his FIRST SWIM LESSON today! We signed up for a few Saturday "Water Babies" group lessons. He had been in the pool once before (around New Year's), but we hadn't been back with him for about 8 weeks.

Changing with Momma in the locker room

Hangin' with Dad in the pool!

He did SO well at the class! He loves being pulled through the water - as we sped up, he got more excited!

He also liked "jumping" in the pool - we would throw him up in the air and let him splash about chest deep in the water.

Getting ready to jump!

Pausing to check out some sweet, sweet ladies. Atta' boy.

The 30 minute workout knocked him out. He passed out for a LONG nap shortly after the swim:

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Christi 3:57 PM, February 25, 2012  

Henry is such a cutie! He has the best smile ever!

Lisa S 7:33 PM, February 25, 2012  

You guys always get THE BEST pictures of Henry!! They just crack me up. He has sooo much personality!

chia 12:16 PM, February 26, 2012  

Aww, I wish there was grownup classes like these. My pool workouts could use a little more fun :-)

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