Gu Roctane and Pearl Izumi Hat Winners!

>> Thursday, February 02, 2012

So there were 205 comments on the giveaway post. They were all trying to win 20 Island Nectars Gu Roctanes and a Pearl Izumi Thermal Run Hat!

And there were 49 tweets as well. I had TWO SETS of goodies to give away: 20 GUs and a hat to a blog commenter, and 20 GUs and a hat to a tweeter.

Hee hee... "tweeter."

Before I post the winners, I just want to highlight some of my favorite and most random comments. I noted that if you commented ANYTHING on the giveaway post, you'd be entered. And some people were pretty awesome about that. Here are 8 that I want to point out (in chronological order):

Keith: "Do zombie sluts drive cars?"

I'm Tri-ing: "I want to look like a human highligher all hopped up on Roctane GU!"

Blyfinn: "Seals like water."

BriTriGuy: "So if I tweet that, I get an extra entry but I'm potentially decreasing my chances of winning if I'm actually popular on Twitter..."

Editors note: You make an interesting point. But lets talk this through. You had a 1 in 205 chance with your comment, and then you'd have ANOTHER 1 in 49 chance if you tweeted. So unless your single tweet would bring in another 200+ comments and 50 tweets, you'd have bettered your odds by commenting AND tweeting. Just thought I'd point that out. :)

Ben Berry: "Everytime Stanley takes a steaming poo in the cold of the morning, I think of you. So, send me this Gu."

Editors note: This is in reference to all of my tweets about poop. Yeah. I do that.

SteveQ: "My favorite running hat's older than the last three women I dated."

Travis: "On the other hand, you have different fingers"

Ryan: "It takes 14 pancakes to cover a doghouse because a basketball has no feathers."

So anyway.... I tried something new with the blog entries. I printed them all off and simply cut them into individual strips. Then I could mix them up and literally draw one from a hat.

Here are all the comments cut out:

In my hat

The first winner: Kim

Then I had to pick a random winner from the people who tweeted. I drew a tweet, and out came Deb.

So congrats to Kim and Deb! I hope you each enjoy your 20 Roctane GUs and your Pearl Izumi Thermal Hat!

There's TALK of another giveaway shortly, so stay tuned....


Kim 8:13 AM, February 02, 2012  


Carolina John 9:07 AM, February 02, 2012  

I posted today about poop. You are not alone. And just wait until Henry is four and tries to pull some junk like this...

Deb 9:30 AM, February 02, 2012  

Awesome! I'm the tweeter! I took so long to join twitter. Now I know it's worth it. :) Sending you my email...

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