A Break Between 'Henry Runs'

>> Saturday, February 04, 2012

Henry had a run with Momma on Jan 15th because it was warm that evening:

Excited in his snowsuit before the run!

All smiles after!

After that Jan 15th run, he didn't get out on a run with us for over 2 weeks! We finally had some "seasonable" temperatures over the last few weeks, and it wasn't conducive to taking a baby for a run. We were lucky that we had such a warm December - Henry and I logged over 40 miles together that month. But then it finally got a little chilly.

Last weekend, I did the Securian Run Half Marathon. While watching the weather forecast, I saw them them saying that it would only get down to 30-35 on Monday night / Tues morning. I figured if it was nice enough, Henry and I could go for an easy run (my first run post-race) on Tuesday before taking him to daycare!

So that's what we did:

Loaded up and ready to go!

Sleeping about 2.5 miles into our 6 miler.

In a great mood as soon as he woke up at home!

I feel compelled to note that we will NOT take him out when it's too cold. I can do a long run with him when it's in the mid-30s or warmer and calm. I can do a few miles with him when it's down to the upper-20s and calm. But we will not put him in harm's way by trying to "prove" something with him by going out when it's too cold or going out for too long of a run. As soon as he's crabby on a run (too hungry, overly sleepy, randomly cranky), we immediately head for home. We plan routes that have us looping back near home so we never get too far away. (Even on my 14+ miler with Henry on a warm day last December, I was usually less than 3 miles from home, and only once did I get nearly 4 miles from home at the farthest point. And I have diapers, extra clothes, a bottle, etc with me for all these runs.)

I'd never even THINK about taking Henry out in weather like this, or like this, or like this, or like this. I just felt compelled to note that "for the record."

By the way, I think I figured out what I want my 5th and final goal for 2012 to be. I'd love to find a 5K - 10K race that would be conducive to running with Henry in the stroller. I want Henry to race with me this year! We'll see if I can make that happen!


Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 3:46 PM, February 04, 2012  

He certainly seems to love the runs!

Leslie SB 4:12 PM, February 05, 2012  

I don't think that kid could be any more adorable.

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